Be. Here.NOW!

Be. Here.NOW!


Be. Here. Now. Photo credit: Stanter Kandola

As much as we love spending time with our families there are times when they drive us completely bonkers.

Families are complex hierarchies and oftentimes ruled by spoken and unspoken agreements. Feet get trodden on, feelings get hurt and tempers flare.

Anytime I feel overly burdened by family responsibilities, chores or people needing more attention than I can give, I will literally burst out through the doors and breathe in the universe through my eyes, lungs, and skin. And as the freshness of life enters me through my senses, I let go.

I let go of micro-managing myself and others. I let go of making a gazillion decisions about who is going to eat what and what time people will arrive and so on.

I reach for the outdoors. A walk. A swim. A jump. A sigh.

I love the outdoors because nature (be it trees, rivers, or the sky) connects me to the unlimited universe. Because indoors for me means containment and focus, the outdoors is the expansion and play I need to nourish my spirit. It realigns my mind and brings me back to a calm space of creativity and alertness.

If you find yourself experiencing cabin fever or feel you need a little space from your clan try this meditation: rush out of the doors of your home, car or party and find yourself met by the vivacity of life – think fresh air, trees, desert, and sunlight.

Drink it in, breathe it in, allow it to wash off all the things you’ve been carrying in and around you and savor the moment.

Ready for the holidays? Not quite? Here’s a little something to help you get your mind, body, and soul just so for the holidays: Surviving Holidays – 12 meditations to keep you sane and cheery. It’s free and life-affirming.

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Here’s to being here now!


Can You Ask For What You Want?

Can You Ask For What You Want?


Can you ask for what you want? Photo credit:

It seems such a simple thing to do, yet the terrain is riddled with potholes. Have you ever felt you deserved better pay or wondered where’s mine?

Are there moments when you want to be heard, but are too afraid to speak? It’s tough to watch opportunities pass by because we never reached out to grab them. We steadily fill up with regret, resentment, and disappointment, and resort to dissing or downplaying others’ successes to cover up our own insecurities.

This is true at the office as it is in the home between husbands and wives, siblings and friends. But as we tear down those we consider ‘above’ us, we’re also shredding any positive sense of self-worth left within us.

So, instead of muttering in the background or wallowing in self-pity, we’re going to practice pushing past any obstacles or blocks that get in the way of our desires. We’re going to open up our minds to the wonderful world of YES.

Here we go. Think of something that you truly want. A pay raise? More attention? Lots of money? A loving partner?

Part One

Take a deep breath in, and breathe out slowly. Do this a few times.

Now ask your body where it holds a conclusion or thought form that says “You won’t get what you want,” or “You don’t deserve to get what you want.”. It may be a sensation like a knot or a blockage. Expand your awareness into the feeling of this conclusion or thought.

Take a deep breath now and go to the “gut” of this fear. Breathe into the place that blocks you from moving forward.

On your next deep breath, ask this place in your body that holds the fear what color it wants to be dissolved and released into the light.

Take the first color/s you perceive, and imagine drawing them directly into the place where your body holds the fear or conclusion.

Keep drawing in as much color as your body wants until you feel yourself begin to relax. Inhale deeply, open your eyes and shake or jiggle your body to bring yourself back into the present. 

Part Two

Take another deep breath, and imagine someone is asking you for the very thing you desire. How would you answer that person? Visualize yourself replying yes to them with joy, and a sense of, “Of course you can have it because you so deserve it.”.

Now, imagine another person asking you for something else.

In your mind’s eye, see yourself saying yes to them too, with an open heart and gladness. Envision yet another person asking you for help. Respond again with a loving yes. Share with them how happy you are to be helping them.

This exercise will begin to unlock the manifestation channels in your body that invite possibility and abundance into your life. Whether you are spending your holidays with family or friends, it is absolutely imperative that you ask for what you want.

As with anything, the more you practice saying yes, the easier it will become – not only to give but also to receive . Giving and receiving are not distant cousins. They are like yin and yang – one cannot exist without the other. Each requires a willing and welcoming heart.

If you found these meditations to be helpful come this way. I have a gift for you.

Click here and download your copy of Surviving Holidays – 12 Meditations. Download now! Get it for yourself and loved ones. 

The Password is- @FF#stp^754!

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Happy holidays!

Getting Ready For The Holidays and A Special Gift For YOU!

Getting Ready For The Holidays and A Special Gift For YOU!


I see you. Photo credit:

Getting ready for the holidays? Are you excited, hopeful or just wanting the holidays to be over and done with as soon as possible?

I see you.

With so many lists, family dynamics, wants and needs to take care of, at times it feels like an epic military campaign involving strategies and plays that would impress even the most distinguished of generals.

We roll up our sleeves and battle through to-do lists, long lines at stores, fatigue, and burn the midnight oil. The level of focus required to buy the right gifts, white elephants and maintain a happy demeanor can be too much.

This pressure causes our bodies to squeeze, releasing stress hormones. The body interprets all this as a threat to its life. Pretty intense reaction to simply shopping for food and decorating a tree, right? Well, it is what it is and without solid techniques to relax, it won’t be fun.

Today, I want to share a couple of techniques that will ease the burden we all seem to bear during the season of giving.

If you are starting to feel a tightness or ache in your neck and shoulders or if the full weight of all those things you have to do has already begun to overwhelm you, here are 2 easy steps to bring relief and energize your day.

1a Say it out loud – Clearly,  state what you are feeling. Frustrated? Tired? Feeling it’s unfair  ie why do I have to do everything? Anxious, sad or isolated? It’s important to locate what we are feeling in the vast ocean of emotions. By locating and identifying what we are feeling we can orient ourselves and find our way home. If we don’t know where we are and what’s happening within us we can’t turn things around. Say it out loud. Write it down. It’ll feel better, I promise.

1b Say what you want – “I want to feel peaceful, this holiday for the family get together.” “I want to feel exhilarated.” “I want to have some magical moments.” Take some time to contemplate what you would like to experience over the holidays and prioritize creating these experiences for yourself. If going for a walks makes you feel peaceful add those to your calendar. If you want to feel exhilarated add a snowball fight or an adventure that opens your eyes and heart to your list of activities. Make it happen. You know you can.

2 It’s bigger than you are – it’s ok to admit that it’s bigger than you are, that you can’t control it all and that you want to give up. Take a moment, sit down, sigh  and place your forehead on the floor. In yoga, this is known as the child’s pose. It is a restful pose that releases stress.


Child’s pose. Artist unknown to me. It’s beautiful.

When I do this pose, I let go and surrender to the universe all the responsibilities, fears and anxieties I carry. I admit that I cannot do it all. A feeling of humility comes over me that helps me reprioritize what’s truly important to me and what I want to achieve in that moment.

It opens the  possibility for my intentions to match my actions. I love the clarity that arises with this pose.

And that brings me to my final piece: a gift from me to YOU. I want to thank you for sharing this inner journey with me and for being willing to engage in life using consciousness as a tool for your wellbeing and prosperity. Thank you, my dearest trailblazers!

Click here and download your copy of Surviving Holidays – 12 Meditations. It will help you to lighten your days and to navigate difficult situations. It’ll nudge you towards joy and gratitude, bring light into your heart and peace to your desires. Download now! Get it for yourself and loved ones.

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Let’s make the making of this holiday season a freedom exercised with joy!