Come Check Out the New Look @

Come Check Out the New Look @

My new website is here and it is thrilling! I really can’t believe it’s done. Giggles and smiles keep popping up and I keep wanting to wave like the queen at passers by.

But for many years I avoided creating this new website like the plague even though I needed one because the old one was falling apart.
new site has launched

Thinking about everything involved in a full revamp usually overwhelmed me and I would soon drop the idea.

Then one day, my good friend FZK showed me a Pinterest board she had created for me to rethink my existing website. It lit a spark. We made some moves.

“Yeah. We can do that. No problem.” Andi said as I shared ideas in my non-techy vocabulary. I wanted a video playing behind the contact form. She made it happen.

The exhilaration of seeing photos taken by Anne Stavely, Stanter Kandola and Lexi MacKenzie around and about New Mexico eased the discomfort of being so visible.

Nate Kitchens brought in more light and color to the designs and lifted the site out of the ordinary into something juicy and nourishing for the senses.

Paola Raymi entered the scene as I was on the verge of letting go and brought it to the finish line with clear design ideas and heaps of fun.

Without this wonderful crew of creative and talented people, I would still be with the old site feeling sad, wishing I could be a cool kid. But that’s not me today. I’m happy as can be. Thank you, thank you Andi West, Paola Raymi, Nate Kitchens, FZK, Lexi MacKenzie, Stanter Kandola and Anne Stavely for your brilliance, professionalism and kindness.

And of course, a sincere and humble thank you to all of you who read this and have allowed me to come into your lives.

So, without further ado, it would be my pleasure to invite you to the new Tenderlogic website and open the doors to your inner, most magnificent transformation.

I Have A New Website Coming Soon. Save The Date!

I Have A New Website Coming Soon. Save The Date!

new website

I have two announcements for you today.

1 I wanted to let you know that the site will be offline on the 23rd of May. It will be back up on the 24th

And 2, The reason for the downtime? I am about to launch my new website and I want to share this exciting news with you first.

It has been a long time in the making. I can think of a dozen reasons why it’s taken this long but the real reason is that I wasn’t ready. And by that I mean, even though professionally it made sense to revamp the old website, I was still growing into myself.

At first, I didn’t know I was growing into myself. I pushed and pushed to make the new website happen. I would decide on one direction and then within days I would drop the idea and start on another because the truth was that I wasn’t clicking with any of the directions I was coming up with for myself.

But as web designers quit, programmers disappeared, copywriters moved to cushier gigs, I kept wondering what was going on thinking that they were the problem.

“What’s going on, universe? Don’t you want me to move forward?” I would ask. “Why this one step forward and 20 million steps back?”

I learned that growing into oneself doesn’t happen in a convenient time frame to match our goals or expectations.

Becoming oneself is a lifetime’s journey and I have found myself pausing, pondering, deliberating along this path about my role as a parent, wife, daughter, as a guide for others, the ebb and flow of passion, finances and the magnetic draw of stillness and what lies within.

I remember meeting a Buddhist monk almost 3 decades ago and him looking into my eyes. As I looked into his eyes I felt the whole universe look back. That is how I feel these days: as if the whole universe is looking back at me. I can feel it unveiling itself to me if I  stand still long enough.

And then I feel joy; an almost uncharted joy. It is not loud or garish but freer, lighter and inwardly streaming.

What I had previously viewed as loneliness or isolation were now places where I could find peace. Fears of illness, mortality and even the big one, fear of missing out, no longer overshadowed my life.

That is what has been growing inside me; a stronger connection to that joy and the ability to be still. That feeling and spaciousness I want to share with you.

So, here I am. It would be my honor to welcome you to my new website on May 24th, 2017.

This new site will give a better understanding of how I can help you. Save the date!

End corruption, End Climate Change



I wish there was a way to oust corruption.

A prayer, a mantra, even an app would do. Something to rout out the wide-reaching impact of corruption on our lives and our beautiful planet.

I’m focusing on corruption because it’s a step closer to addressing problems of war, famine, hunger, climate change, injustice, and inequality.

One definition of corruption is: “a departure from the original or from what is pure or correct.” I think it is this departure from what is correct that has taken us down the slippery road to climate change, famine, war, and suffering.

We produce more than enough food on this planet to feed every man, woman, and child alive, yet hunger and starvation are everywhere. We fight wars for land and energy resources that have become outdated, as they are now outmatched, outperformed and simply outdone by newer, cleaner technologies.

The means and ways to improve the lot and livelihood of millions of people exist, but something always seems to get in the way of these possibilities becoming manifest. It is my belief that we, humanity, all of us, get in the way of that; as people in governments, as leaders, as heads of corporations, as workers, as teachers, as consumers.

Gil Scott-Heron stated: “The first revolution is when you change your mind” I would like to invite you to join me to change your mind about what is possible.

The possibilities themselves are exciting and I know that we can make even the seemingly impossible possible. We can end hunger and war. We can clean the oceans and air of toxic pollution. We can transform existing injustices and inequalities into fairness, legal protections, and rights. We can.

But before we can do any of that, we have to make that first revolution happen. We have to change our own minds. Awaken from the lull of helplessness, that “Why bother? Nothing changes.” attitude.

If you found yourself squeezing or guffawing at the above ideas as new agey or ridiculous then this kind of revolution is exactly the prescription we all need.

Ready, revolutionaries? Let’s make change happen from the inside out.

Become Bigger – Within your awareness ignite this thought: there are more solutions than problems. Does this idea resonate with you? Have you experienced this to be true in your life? Is there a problem in your life that needs solutions? See what happens when you activate this way of approaching your problem. Become a solution-magnet!

Corruption Zapper  Let’s do this exercise in consciousness to reset behaviors of selfishness, greed or dishonesty and allow course correction away from corruption.

Take a deep breath into your body and gently exhale. Repeat a few more times. Now close your eyes. Ask your body where it holds any residues of corruption in its many forms. You might think, I’m not greedy or dishonest like those politicians or bankers. You probably aren’t but there may be tiny seeds of white lies or shades of untruths. Be brave and witness what shows up.

You may feel the corruption in your body as a tingling sensation or you might just see that body part in your mind’s eye. Once you can sense the energy of corruption in your body take a moment to feel it and become aware of it. Does it feel sticky or heavy? Tune in.

As I am doing this exercise, I can feel the energy of corruption in my calves, outside of my armpits and ribcage. It feels tight, prickly and defensive.

Now ask your body what color it needs to release the energy of corruption. Imagine that color coming in from the universe directly into all the places your body holds corruption. Visualize the corruption dissolving and washing away. Keep the color pouring in – use your imagination muscles and visualize your body free of corruption.

How does that feel? If you need more color, draw it in and keep washing out the residue. When you feel complete inhale and exhale. Rest a moment and notice what has shifted within you. Write down any thoughts or insights that arise.

As we’re doing so great I have one more step for us to take.

Think of a person or business, government or agency that could benefit from becoming corruption free. Hold them in your mind’s eye and ask them: what color they need to release corruption. Take the first color that comes into your awareness and imagine it pouring in from the universe through your body and out through your solar plexus to them. Keep extending that color to them until they are complete. Then release them into the light.

Open your eyes.

I focused on the Indian government and all the middlemen that delay prosperity, justice and access to clean air, water, and food in India.

They took the form of a dirty fountain. The color they wanted was electric, royal blue. I extended the blue to the fountain until the water became clear. As the water cleared, it began to spill over and nourish the ground. It seeped deeper and deeper into the groundwater and rivers. I could hear the water bubbling like in a brook. Flowers began to grow. Birds and trees filled my vision. My body relaxed.

What happened in your meditation? Please share your results. Remember to practice this exercise, again and again, to continue to build momentum and become impactful. Thank you.

Before I leave you and close this post, I wanted to clarify something. Yes, this was a very politically oriented post and exercise. Please don’t think I am pointing a finger at any country, political party, or group. We share global issues which effect us all.

We all lose sight of right and wrong occasionally. We all allow our actions to stray from living according to a higher moral code. In other words, we all get greedy, selfish and sometimes, we really lose it and find ourselves being dishonest or manipulative. It happens.

Governments and corporations are made up of people and just like us, can become lost in hyperbole. Smoke and mirrors politics, forgetting deeper values and purpose. These create confusion, dissatisfaction, instability or injustice at best or a great deal of unnecessary suffering, war, famine, and death at worst.

We can’t raise the bar for others until we rise up ourselves. This was a first step. If you need help taking a second one, I am always here for you.