Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga nailed it. She made us feel good as we watched her spectacular halftime performance at the Super Bowl.

She sang, jumped from the roof,* sang some more, danced and leaped off again. It was exhilarating to watch. I wanted more.

Then, for a moment, my mind flickered back to President Trump’s inauguration speech. I had hoped that he would surprise us and show up presidential and inspire us.

It didn’t happen, at all. Instead, I smelled a strong whiff of Emperor Palpatine.

I don’t think that Trump wanted us to feel bad.

I think what he really wants is, perhaps for the Twitterverse to love him. He maybe going about it the wrong way.

But both Gaga and Trump are inspiring me today. Gasp! What Trump inspiring? Yes!  Stay with me a minute and keep reading.

Trump and Gaga have achieved incredible success and we can learn from how they did it, to make good happen in our lives. Here are 6 good ways to get started.

1 Have a specific goal with specific results. Trump: president. Lady Gaga (Super Bowl): to make us feel good. Keywords: goal and results. Write down a specific goal or dream and the results you would like to see.

2 If you want something you have to go for it 100%. There is no holding back.  Gaga wanted a “never done before” spectacular show and she made that happen by jumping and spider crawling through the air. It was the daring that caught us all. Keywords: daring, innovative. What can you do today that is daring?

3 Trump was an outsider, a joke when he started his bid to become the Republican Party nominee. Now he’s POTUS and the joke’s on us. It takes time, energy and money, people. Keywords: focus, determination: keep your eyes on the prize.What can you do to keep your dream moving forward today?

4 Lady Gaga has her fans and Trump has his fans. They help maintain the momentum and keep the engine moving forward when things get tough and are there to cheer the wins. Keywords: support, have people who love you around youLook around at your crew, do they stand with you for your dreams? It may be time to prune energy drains and recruit people with vision and skills.

5 Whether we like or dislike Trump or Gaga, they are who they are. They accept who they are. Keywords: Self-acceptance, self-confidenceDo you accept who you are? If not, this is a great starting point to dive deep and find your good self.

6 One percent inspiration and 99% perspiration. There are no two ways about it- we’ve got to work hard and keep at it until we achieve what we set our minds and hearts on. Keyword: hard workAre you willing to put in the extra creativity, work, and energy to make your goals real?

Is there something that you want to make happen? Reread the list above and get your ducks in a row. You can be unstoppable and achieve what you dearly seek to achieve. You may feel like the underdog: outmatched, under skilled. That you don’t have enough money or that it’s simply too late, but as President Trump and Lady Gaga exemplify, you can still make things happen.

Who inspired you today? What was it about them or what they did that motivated you? Truly, remember it’s never too late to start getting fit or get your dream job or find yourself in love with life!