Bella and Bubbles.


As for 2016, it was a year that made us all wake-up, right?

It reminds me of a story attributed to the Buddha (aka Siddhartha Gautama) (SG) where he is asked by a Brahmin priest (BP): Are you a celestial being?

SG: No.

BP: A spirit of some kind?

SG: No.

BP: A human being?

SG: No, I am not a human being.

BP: Then, what sort of being are you?

SG: Remember me, Brahmin, as awakened.

I believe this story sets the table for the upcoming years and even lifetimes for those of us that want to be good human beings and experience the awesome gift that this life truly is.

Being awake has power and purpose.

When I’m awake, meaning not trapped in old patterns, dissociated, bingeing on real life dramas (news) or busy-ness, I feel fantastic. I feel even more electric and alive when I consciously disengage from being on automatic pilot and look at my surroundings taking in the colors, textures, sounds, temperature, rhythm and the hum of life.

Everyday objects and moments become precious, sacred and profound.

Everything resonates, sings and dances in its beingness. I feel belonging and wholeness. Gratitude and appreciation in every cell.  So, it’s a no-brainer for me to commit to a practice of waking up/becoming aware/mindful as my starting point for creating peace and prosperity, health and wellness and all those lovely things that we all want when we dream big.

That’s how I want to approach 2017. Awake, filled with presence, willing and ready to be counted.  My goal this year is to remain present and aware in the face of anything.

Want to join me? Here are some pointers.

Seek enlightenment

  • Go on an inner journey
  • Become more mindful/ thoughtful
  • Be of service to others
  • Ask a lot of questions
  • Breathe easily and deeply.

These actions lead to peace and prosperity but are only the beginning of that journey. The following are more involved

Become aware of cultural, political, social, religious, familial narratives that shape you as part of your awakening and become curious about what is dear to you and what you are loyal to further free yourself.

Unpack this little gem from Yvon Chouinard, the founder of Patagonia, “The more you know, the less you need.” I’ve heard it said in other ways too: “less is more” for example. Could less be more for you? In which areas of your life?

Choose to make peace.

Connect to your inner light. Your light can come in the form of ideas, dreams, laughter, delight, magic, knowing, love and so much more. Flood your being with this light.

Freedom is an action, not a possession or state. Free yourself first. Engage, expand and energize your freedom.

Experience more.

Get to know your body. Make it strong in the way that works for your body.

Dare to love passionately – people, animals, plants, rocks, the planet

Tread gently on the earth

Now take it all apart – all of your ideas, thoughts, visions. Become Naked. Present.

Take some time for you today or over the next few days and give yourself the permission to experience new, continued awakened states. See what unfolds for you. Being awake can make us aware of attachments good and bad.

Being awake can make us feel alive and sensitive even in trying circumstances. It can also be a burden. Being present and aware means that you are present and aware for the good, the bad, and the ugly truth as it happens.

It can be uncomfortable at times, even painful, but it is important, because more than anything else, being awake allows us to choose consciously, effectively, and purposefully.

So, here’s to you, my friends and to our ever awakening hearts and minds. May they lead the way to our ever unfolding peace and harmony.

Navjit X.