Navjit Kandola
Navjit Kandola
navjit kandola

If you’re looking for answers and solutions that go beyond what you can get from mantras, courses, or even life coaching, then I want to get to know you.

This means hearing your story, seeing what makes you smile, and what you’re yearning for. It means, most of all, allowing me in to see you: the good, the bad and the parts we unnecessarily hide.

It takes trust to open up and share your story. I know I am asking a great deal of you. I wouldn’t ask you to open up if I weren’t willing to do the same.

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Wish to work with me? Here’s how to start:

  1. Fill in the intake form and what you’d like to accomplish.
  2. We’ll schedule a free 20 minute Facetime or Zoom video call to see if we are a good fit.

danielle laporte“Navjit has an amazing ability to unravel your perceptions to the get to core of issues and their solutions. I regard her as masterful ‘spiritual technician’, both compassionate and sharp. Working with her has helped me to solve numerous inner mysteries, and that liberation has energized every area of my life.”

Danielle Laporte

Oprah's Super Soul 100

positive reviews“I trust her beyond belief. I do not throw trust or money around lightly. And Navjit has earned every bit. She walks her talk. And then some. To say she has integrity is an understatement. Awake, clear and ON. I have recently gone through a very difficult year and on many occasions, I have paused to ask..what would Navjit do? If every finger of mine were a thumb, she would get 10 thumbs up.”

Aase Lium-Hall