Navjit has changed my life forever. Before I met her, I’m not sure I would have believed any of the work we have done was even possible!  When I initially hired her for help with my speaking, I had no idea how deep our work would really go.  But now I’m happier, more joyful, calm, peaceful, focused, and have total clarity about my purpose… and it’s all thanks to Navjit. As I think back to the frantic, frazzled, overwhelmed woman I was when I first met her, I am blown away by the progress I’ve made in 7 or so sessions. Relationships I thought were damaged are once again flourishing, and I am flourishing.  I have spent thousands of dollars trying to connect to my purpose in life, and every step got me closer, but Navjit has brought me to the “promised land.” I have tapped into my truth, essence, and soul.  It is so beautiful it brings tears to my eyes.

Kendrick Shope

Navjit is like no other person I have ever worked with.She is part light healer, part crazy smart intellectual educated in Great Britain. (Her British accent is enough to make you swoon!), funny, brilliant – in every sense of the word. Insightful and wise like my great grandmother, fun like my favourite cousin. Holds me accountable for my shit like my dad. Challenges me like my grandfather, and celebrates my awesomeness like my mom on her best day. So, basically she is like the best part of your family all wrapped up into one amazing Navjit. I trust her beyond belief. I do not throw trust or money around lightly. And Navjit has earned every bit. She walks her talk. And then some. To say she has integrity is an understatement. Awake, clear and ON. I have recently gone through a very difficult year. and on many occasions, I have paused to ask..what would Navjit do? If every finger of mine were a thumb, she would get 10 thumbs up.

Aase Lium

I’ve had much success in my professional and personal life, but when I felt I was coming to a big transition, I needed someone to help light the way for me. I didn’t want a pop psychology coach — I wanted someone who could help open me up in new, intense ways beyond what I see over and over again. Navjit turned out to be a perfect choice. She did an incredible job of helping me to honor different elements within myself, while helping me to open up and bring about new levels of energy and consciousness.  She took me into an exercise right away – I was actually in my car in between work meetings. I laugh when I visualize it now! There I was, in a parking lot with my eyes closed. It had me tingling, and I remember after the session driving home feeling incredibly empowered – so much so that I began calling on some clients and potential clients who I had avoided or who had a reputation of being very difficult. I remember talking with many of them and their responses to me were surprising and different. It was all very positive, as if they could sense a new energy.I have made a leap from successful corporate guy to a successful entrepreneur with a grace and passion I am proud of, and that has surprised me. My work with Navjit has helped me to feel confident, connected, and unstuck. Navjit has a unique set of talents that people need to know about. Her gifts will help you enrich your life at unimaginable levels.

David P. Diana


When Mark and I were looking for someone to officiate our wedding ceremony, we knew we wanted someone who was connected to the Divine and not necessarily from any particular religion. We needed someone with an adventurous spirit because we were planning a wedding location to which everyone would need to hike. Navjit was someone with both of those traits. I’m inspired by you as well, and your ability to be both of the light and well-grounded and adventurous.I was looking forward to being guided by you into this next adventure of life – marriage. I was curious about how you – someone so expansive – would facilitate a ceremony like this. The experience was really 2 days, but I wish our work had gone beyond preparing for the ceremony. <strong>I felt completely held and contained by your presence</strong>.I loved the customization of it. I love that our work together was completely unique to us and our circumstances and the relationships at that time. I felt very much in the moment on every call and on the day of the celebration. I would recommend Navjit to others without hesitation.

Devta Kidd

I initially heard about Navjit through Chris Griscom and the Light Institute and I knew that anyone connected with Chris and her school would be excellent. Even so, I wondered: would a phone session with someone I’d never met before really work? I was coming from a background of self-help books and therapy, so I had a lot of awarenesses, but no a deep change had happened within me yet. Would this work produce real results? The answer was a resounding ‘Yes!’The simplicity of our work and the speed with which we got to the core issues surprised me. I felt comfortable and understood right away. It wasn’t like she was a guru on high dispensing wisdom – the exercises we did were simple, and I felt things inside me truly shift after we did them. It gave me such a feeling of freedom and lightness afterwards. Navjit challenged me to drop the traditional images I held of God and to be more open to the limitless forms that Spirit can take.My spirit had become used to fading into the background and it was time to come out – something I never would have recognized on my own. I’m still working on raising the volume! Working with Navjit reminded me that my answers are within me, that they are simple, and if I am in pain that I do have the power to connect to my Higher Self and create differently.

Liz Podolski

Financial Analyst

Navjit is a light filled, wise, kind, unique, innovative and powerful visionary. When we first met, it was with the intention to let go of baggage I just couldn’t move through with other methods of inner work. I was really at that place where I was no longer willing to hold onto even little bits of what was not in alignment with me. Navjit’s work is magical and totally practical which is what inevitably helped me release these old patterns and step into the life that I had wanted. The practices that Navjit offers are what is needed today in the world of self-transformation and illumination. You will go back in time and forward in time with her, and will end up in a world that you didn’t image could be unveiled so effortlessly. Her works goes deep, and it has been such a gift to have the opportunity to work with her and I hope you have the opportunity as well.

Olivia Kirby

Olivia Clementine

Working with Navjit is powerful and life changing.

I am so grateful for her guidance and presence in my life. I adore her simplicity, kindness and total commitment with what is truth for me. She is a 100 % present, there to guide and to create possibilities with total allowance. A perfect mixture of pragmatism and magic.

After a few sessions, I felt I like I was talking to a Soul Sister, someone who is there for me: listening, being without any judgment, co-creating a new reality with me with total respect and great amiability.

Obrigada do fundo do meu coracao !
(thank you from the deep of my heart)

Marizete Da Silva

Expontial Coach, Bossa Yoga

After each session I felt de-congested, and clear of what needed to be done. I became aware of my negative thoughts and patterns which I can now consciously modify and dissolve; the very things that don’t contribute to my freedom and self expression. I love going in and getting in touch with my inner child, my thoughts and teachings that make me who I am.

The sessions can be jolting and you go in very deep but I became fearless because I realized: “If I can face all of me, good and bad then I can face anything; because by choosing to do so, I become stronger.”

Navjit helped me face it all with courage and, belief in who I am and who I can be. She inspired me to value my wishes and dreams and follow them and work for them. Now my inner voice has a say.

In short, Navjit helped me to transform my truncated life plan that seemed like a sinking boat when we met into an array of growing opportunities and exciting possibilities. I do not want to end my work with her and look forward to continuing.

Thank you Navjit. I am honored and happy to have met you and worked with you.

Yvonne de Campos

Chef, author

Navjit is a gorgeous combination of wisdom, light and integrity.I came across a recommendation for Navjit Kandola on Danielle Laporte’s White Hot Truth website and recalled that she was the beautiful woman in the Style Statement book whose profile I really adored. I recognized her as a kindred spirit, so it was an easy leap of faith to contact her for sessions.When we began our sessions I was on the brink of a health crisis. At the time, I had no idea how long it would take to get better or how it would impact my vocation and all other aspects of my life. I believe that the call I made to Navjit was divinely motivated as the work I did with her prepared me for 4 of the most difficult years of my life. What I discovered about myself in our sessions helped me move forward without spiritually breaking apart as everything else shattered.Today, I have made it through to the other side!

Leah Snyder

The L Project

The moment I met Navjit in August 1996, I genuinely liked and trusted her. I felt she was an honest, fun yet intense person who took her work seriously and had a unique talent. Not to mention style!As our work began, I was amazed at just how easy it was to enter a wonderful, open state of consciousness. We navigated through very difficult issues (sometimes at times of crisis) and in the same moments, unraveled them, observed them, laughed about them, found a better way to relate to them and released them. It was really such helpful, healing work!!! I now approach life with more awareness, lightness, and with an open heart. I absolutely, wholeheartedly recommend her.
Tamara Iwaseczko, Architect

Tamara Iwasechko


For the first few months, I continued to be surprised at how powerful every single session was. With you, every session felt like it made a major shift. You are able to get to, in, around, and through the things that no one else has been able to do.

Jenny Shih


When I came across Navjit, I was immediately drawn to her. When I read her website and the type of work she did, I knew that I had to work with her. It was a no-brainer for me because I am someone who has led her whole life from thinking and analyzing. I knew deep down that I wanted to connect, not just to my head and the thoughts that I was having, but to my heart, body, and soul. When I came to Navjit, my request to her “can you help me feel more?”. I wanted to feel gratitude, joy, and the present moment in my body. I also wanted help letting go of fears and patterns that I had held on to for a lifetime. I knew thinking through these fears was no longer enough. I needed to feel through them and help my body feel safe.

Navjit is gifted at what she does. The 4 months of coaching I received from her is a gift I will treasure forever. She helped me break the chains of limiting stories and fears that were deeply embedded in me. I remember after a certain session, I felt so light that I thought I was going to float away.

As a result of working with her, I feel stronger, more powerful and I am able to deal with my inner critic in a much kinder, empathetic way. It’s not that I have shut down that part of myself. It’s more that I understand her and have created space for her in my life but under my rules and management. Not the other way around.

If you are considering working with Navjit, don’t hesitate. She is one of a kind. Her work is one of a kind.

Visa Shanmugam

I met Navjit on a call hosted by a friend. I was immediately impressed by the Navjit’s aura and how she helped me move in my own being during the meditation. I couldn’t wait to introduce Navjit to the Goddess Tribe!

Navjit’s energy and nurturing nature toward helping others see own their Light/unlimited potential for prosperity. Navjit helps me see how easy it is to bring in color to heal old thoughts and beliefs. It’s so simple and we try to make it so complicated. I admire her ability to break down prosperity teaching in a very simple way and tailor it to each individual with such ease. She is truly spiritually conscious entrepreneur and it’s so inspiring! She is a true example of someone who practices what she preaches.

Grace, Ease, Simplicity

Diane Dorrel


Navjit’s deep understanding of all of the nuances of human nature is truly life enhancing. She possesses a remarkable intuition that enables her to connect with Spirit and in so doing she encourages exploration of the psyche with a refined sensitivity that promotes healing on many levels.

Her work is a testament to her love of life and her enthusiasm demonstrates trust in its bounty. She is a Light-Bringer!

Eugenie Nuttall


It’s hard to put into words my admiration for Navjit’s work without sounding terribly mystical or using self-help clichés. But she is the real deal.

Navjit shows that rare ability to listen, really listen, particularly to the things that were unsaid or experienced in my deepest confusion. She instinctively ‘gets it’, without having to explain too much. She gave a language to my pain I didn’t have before and was skillful in how she engaged with and communicated that to me.

I learned to trust Navjit and her methods, especially in her insights and techniques which resonate with me to this day. The meditations, visualisations, and re-imprinting were practical exercises that helped reconfigure the way I was thinking and feeling.

There’s also an osmosis effect in just talking to Navjit, a safe space to let go, which was sacred to me and I looked forward to every week. She knows what she’s doing.

Navjit works with the mind as well as the heart, which for me, made the therapeutic experience a wider healing and spiritual one.

Navjit has been a key catalyst in transforming my feelings of unhappiness and moments of despair to one of more optimism and action. She has helped me to further explore, investigate, and enjoy self-discovery and self-knowledge. I look up and ahead now.

I am an agent of my own life again for which I am so grateful. It’s a joy working with Navjit.



I love working with Navjit! She is a miracle worker. Navjit opened me up to embracing all the ways I have come to see myself and has worked with me to create powerful shifts in my perception of my own fears and desires.

I came to Navjit wanting to be clearer about my own needs and fears, break down some stubborn patterns and self-beliefs, and came to her with a strong wish for a deeper understanding of my own motivations, what living a fulfilled life meant to me and what was stopping me.

I felt I was in my own way. Navjit worked in gentle and powerful ways to open up the space of love within myself; to see more deeply and allow for the changes that I longed to create to happen. Navjit guides you to see the perspective of the larger whole we are all part of and uncovers the deepest motivations of your own actions.

In working with Navjit I learned to trust myself and the divine timing of things. I learned to trust her process! Shifts started to happen in unexpected and often in subtle ways. And these new ways of seeing, feeling, and thinking allow me to act from a place of love, rather than from fear.

Cumulatively these small shifts are creating a stronger sense of self and purpose and direction and these shifts have opened up a more authentic space in my life from which to give and to receive. Working with Navjit has been a true blessing and a gift.

Kirsten Leenars

I was at a very difficult time in my life. I had just become a mother and expected this life change to bring nothing but joy, however, having a traumatic birthing experience and other issues impacted my health with devastating consequences.

I was experiencing low mood and low self-esteem. Becoming a mother raised lots of issues from my childhood. This spiraled out of control and I was diagnosed with stress and anxiety. I experienced a loss of appetite, weight loss, restlessness, and lack of interest in the things I enjoyed doing. I was drowning in emotions and didn’t know which way to turn.

At that time, a family member recommended Navji to me – she explained that Navjit would be able to help me to reframe the issues I was having and help restore my sense of well being and feeling good again. I found the prospect of receiving counseling daunting- I thought I’d find it difficult to share my feelings with a therapist and didn’t want to relive my painful experiences.

But, I wanted to regain my confidence and come to terms with my traumatic experiences.

Navjit’s voice was like a warm cozy hug. She was instantly reassuring, compassionate, and understanding.

I feel like my sessions with Navjit have shifted something huge in me. It has been an epic journey. I am no longer suffering anxiety. I have my appetite back and I sleep well. I have my sense of humour back too! I am able to make decisions again without feeling too overwhelmed.

I would highly recommend Navjit – her sessions and advice on nutrition have provided me with life skills that have greatly improved my life! I can not thank her enough. xxx



As soon as I saw Navjit, I knew she was the one to help me find the answers I was looking for. I was ready to release my pain and problems and focus on improving my relationship with my daughter. My work with Navjit was truly incredible – it was easy, light and done with great understanding and love. We worked together like two sisters, sharing our deepest personal feelings to make lasting, crucial shifts. I am moving forward in my life, more confident and aware of myself and my family. Thank you so much!

Lilien de Randamie

I was introduced to Navjit by a friend who had made some significant changes by taking the Key to Life sessions which I decided to do also. Navjit has a natural ability to help you think from a different perspective and help you unlock some of the old experiences/traits that may be holding you back from being your best self. I would recommend Navjit to anyone that’s serious about making changes in their life and moving forward.

Kesh M


Navjit’s brilliance, and the depth of her insight surpassed my expectations! With sweetness and sensitivity, she broadened my horizons and showed me cosmic connections— how our thoughts, feelings are all echoed and mirrored around us.

She is a truly unique healer, teacher and agent of transformation.

With warmth and witty guidance, she helped me to feel free to express myself in more varied ways and feeling more alive. I absolutely recommend her, without hesitation.

India Blue

Transformational Healer

Navjit is a guide, walking beside me as I embark on this inner journey work. Sometimes I get lost “in there,” and Navjit provides a loving, solid lead. I’ve been building up some thick layers of fear and uncertainty, and she is helping me transform that fear space into liberation and joy. In other words, we’re breaking through some old, rusty chains, and it feels damn good.



I am so glad that I got to work with you during this transitional time of my life.
Your sweet gentle voice, your insight and wisdom with your compassion and understanding guided me through my unresolved emotions and unnecessary constrictive feelings to a place of discovering my powerful beautiful self, a place of more joy, strength and freedom.


Doctor of Oriental Medicine

Navjit has a magical gift to go beyond all the visible and get to the core what’s stopping us from living our true potential.

She’s an amazing human being that has such kindness and joy for life that she lights up everything around her.

I’m extremely grateful to her for being a gentle and beautiful guide on my journey.


It feels nearly impossible to articulate the depth, width and beauty of my experience with Navjit. If I portrayed her as some sort of superhero I sense I’d be doing her a disservice; she’s as real and human as I.

Her fearless authenticity underscores the reality that we’re simply equals having a conversation and sharing a moment in time. She offers genuine love which creates space for meaningful self expression. It was liberating to let another human really see me.

Navjit lovingly and tenderly guided me on a scenic adventure called Christopher. Along the way I noticed the messiness and beauty which is me and fell in love.

With deep gratitude and love, I thank you for the adventure Navjit.


I feel so close to Navjit and I’ve never laid eyes on her + I’m continually in awe of her. She has such a unique and magnificent gift. Her ability to get to the heart of an issue is almost unbelievable. I have known for a long time that if I could identify and name my issues, I would have at least half of my emotional blocks conquered; however, I just wasn’t able to figure it out by myself. I have also known for a long time that I needed some help clearing some of my ‘stuff’, but somehow traditional therapy just didn’t seem to be the thing for me, so I never persued it. I had finally decided that clarity of mind for me was not to be in this lifetime. But she helped me get to ‘it’ in our very first session – by phone none the less – and not only identify the issue, but begin the healing process.The money that I invested in myself, working with Navjit, was probably the best money I have ever spent. I can still hear her voice as clearly as if she were sitting beside me – the same gentleness and calmness, the same beautiful British accent, the same wisdom, love, caring, and kindness. It transforms me to another place.

I am forever indebted to Navjit for the wisdom that she imparted to me and helped me find within.


I decided to work with Navjit because I wanted to take my consciousness to a different level.I was surprised by her ability to “run parallel” with me… like an energetic ice skating partner. I was able to instantly relax and share anything. I felt simultaneous with Navjit, without feeling that she had to be involved in every aspect of my daily life…..no servitude, no indebtedness, just a truly dynamic and expansive experience. I finally began to understand that a zen monk isn’t a solitary gatekeeper to enlightenment. I feel empowered, and open to new awarenesses like never before. Thank you Navjit!

Leslie Bethge

I came to work with Navjit through a dear and trusted friend of mine who had highly recommended her. Her insight, understanding, light, love, kindness blew me away. Our sessions went extremely deep and I always felt blissful and elevated afterwards. I became gradually more conscious, more calm, more at peace with myself and able to see clearly.

The feeling of well-being and the support I received are unparalleled, and I am moving forward with confidence and clarity.I have recommended Navjit to many friends and family members and will continue doing so.

Bibi Korvalian

Director of Marketing and Sales

Before working with Navjit, I suffered a great deal of trauma from a near-death experience which kept me on life support for two weeks and prescribed to high dosage medications for about a year and a half. I felt depressed, lost and alone… She showed me the light and how to spiritually adjust to a new way of living without fear or darkness. I was initially very skeptical as to what could possibly get me out of my depression, however after working with Navjit for a little over a year, I was optimistic in her level of expertise and professionalism. Being 23 years of age now, I can say with confidence that what she has taught me and given me perspective as to how to treat myself with the most positive vibes possible and believing in oneself is vital to a healthy, happy life.



I love the depth of the sessions,
I felt it went deep into the level of my soul.
In each session, I felt an opening beyond the conditioned mind.
I recommend working with Navjit.

I felt her compassionate & loving heart, her profound wisdom & I trust her guidance.
I am grateful, thank you Navjit.
Thank you for your loving heart,

Thank you for sharing your powerful presence with me Navjit.

Gisela Hengl

I absolutely loved it and found it to be extremely useful. Completely worth the investment in my opinion!!


I have found my sessions very uplifting, supportive and insightful.

I love how you can either go deep into the spiritual realm, or keep the session very practical depending on what is needed at the time.

Your sincerity, your genuine desire to be of service and the depth of your training really helped me make big shifts. Yours is a rare and valuable gift!



Working with Navjit helped me more than meditation, yoga, and therapy combined.

She’s just THAT good.


Much thanks, Navjit for your guidance along a deeply transformative journey to the other side of whatʼs been “stuck” for some time.

I appreciate your rare gift to skillfully guide me through this productive release of past patterns to experience profound change.