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Audio meditations, contemplations and guides specifically designed to nourish,
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These succinct works come without any distractions or gimmicks so that you can truly focus on you.

Learning to trust your inner voice, creating inner peace and conquering fear begins here.

Audio Meditations

How To Meditate

Checking In:

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How To Sit:

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1 Minute Meditation:

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Silence Series

Silence 1:

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How To Be In Worst Case Scenarios:

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Soul Guidance Radio Show with host Saskia Roell

The Karma of Being a Woman Audio: 59.43

What is the purpose of being a woman and why do we continue to feel the brunt of inequality in our lives. Are women destined to experience hardship? How can women transcend aeons of subjugation and become key players in society?


How To Be In Worst Case Scenarios Audio:59.15

How do we make decisions when being confronted by unfamiliar, emergency scenarios that require us to perform optimally while being stressed to the max? Questions arise: whose advice do you follow? Should you listen to your gut? The doctors/experts or your partner? In this interview, I share how I learned first hand, how to navigate this landscape having survived a plane explosion with my 2 year old son in the Bahamas. I speak about “the code” I came back with from my this life-changing experience.


The Problem With Men Audio: 58.57

Have you ever wished: your husband listened to your needs, or was more emotionally attuned? Or, that your male colleagues displayed more emotional intelligence? Do men think differently than women? What do we expect from men as women that needs to change? An in-depth conversation about how the evolution of male/female roles could create prosperity and wellbeing for all.


Releasing Inner Tension –  A journey of no wrong turns  Audio: 58.52

“What’s your biggest breakthrough miracle?” That’s the question that Saskia begins this interview with and from there we launch into what it means to use our consciousness to create freedom in our lives. What actually causes inner tension daily? Learn how to recognize inner tension and how to release it from your body.


How To Become Enlightened In Your Life  Audio:59.02

Miracles and how to perform them in your daily life, opening your abundance channel and the many ways that we can live an enlightened life.


Future Ready – Visionaries for New Tomorrows

Future Ready. Visionaries for New Tomorrows – a FREE virtual summit featuring interviews of the most influential thought leaders,
healers, and changemakers who are pioneering brighter horizons for humanity and the planet.

From Lee “Scratch” Perry to Danielle Laporte talking about God and Goddess to Chris Griscom talking about the future of education.
Get informed. Get ready to be inspired. Get ready for new tomorrows.