I want you to take two fingers — your index and ring finger — and hold them together. With these two fingers, I want you to find your pulse. You can look anywhere to find this, but the neck and wrist are two of the easiest places to locate your pulse.

Once you find it, close your eyes and just listen for 10-20 seconds to the beat. No distractions, music, TV or noise if possible. Just listen to your heart pulsate. If it’s beating fast, take a deep breath into your body to slow it down and repeat listening for 10-20 seconds.

Do you feel the pulse, the rhythm of your heart pumping blood through your veins? That’s you. That’s your heart, your breath, your ability to think, your privilege to choose. You are the operator of your own being and your future. Breathe in the power and possibilities — do you feel the strength coursing through you?

Now meet the incredible Linda Tellington Jones, founder & creator of the T-Touch, a bright star illuminating our world through her work with the animal kingdom. Her joy and love of life is infectious.

In this interview, she distills her knowledge of animal whisperings and a lifetime of learning into practical and holistic healing techniques.“Count your blessings,” she reminds us, “and surround yourself with the simple beauty of animals and flowers to create that state of gratitude.” Linda teaches we make a difference with simple breaths & moments.

What can You Do Today

to Improve all Tomorrows?


Choose health & positivity.  It takes a lot of energy to think/act/be negative, therefore there is no room left for good vibes. When you are negative, you tire yourself out. Through this exhaustion, you damage your mental health and immune system; therefore when you choose gratitude and beauty, you choose health, love and light for your life and body.

Hold & create a vision of your future. Hold a place in your body, mind and soul for what you want your future to look like. This can come in the form of a vision board, praying, intentional thinking, volunteering, etc. Don’t listen to doubt, fear, and frustrations that will distract you from this vision. When you create a space for your future to manifest, it will come into form.

Honor Nature. We are part of the whole – animals, plants, the elements. Create space in your life to connect to nature. Walk in the park. Take a hike. Listen to the wind. Spend time with animals and learn through their consciousness. Speak to animals as if they understand. Be in nature with understanding and gratitude.

Linda and her work have been featured many times for more than 35 years in prime time television in North American, Europe, United Kingdom and Australia and featured in innumerable publications. In North America these include, including Equus; Practical Horseman; Modern Horse Breeding; Horseman; Good Dog; Trail Blazer; Arabian Horse World; Massage Therapy Journal; New Age Journal; Woman’s Day; ASPCA Report; American Way; American Kennel Club Gazette; Horse Illustrated; United Airlines Magazine. Major newspapers and magazines and well as horse, dog and cat publications in Europe, United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia, Canada, Hungary, France have covered the Tellington Method over the past 35 years.

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