​​How do you admit to others that you’re struggling when you can’t quite name what you’re struggling against. On the outside, you’re pulling it off – working, smiling, caring for others but on the inside, there’s a whole lot going on.

You find yourself-

  • hyper-alert, unable to focus or relax.
  • wanting to connect, but avoiding social interaction.
  • exhausted, disassociated, or spaced out.
  • yo-yoing in weight and mood.

Feelings of failure occupy your thoughts and nothing really excites or motivates you, though you truly love life and want more.

I hear you.

You’re a smart, self-aware person accustomed to handling problems life throws at you, but this problem is not external and no matter what you’ve tried, it keeps coming back.

You want real-world solutions. New and effective ways to apply your consciousness to create, integrate, and embody your life’s many purposes and passions.

You need an experienced guide who will listen without judgment, yet still be able to separate the core issues and themes from the narrative.

Before we go any further, let’s take a breath. We all need breathing space because life is stressful. If you’re ready, take a slow, steady breath in through your nose. Pause for a moment and then exhale, slowly out through your mouth. Pause. Now repeat these steps a few more times.

Notice how that feels.

When you are ready, please continue.

new desire

There are many coaches out there, and it’s not always easy to choose the right one. I love helping others be able to draw from their own inner well of knowledge and find their way to positive, prosperous lives. Then again, I am certain that many coaches feel the same way.

So, let’s look at what sets me apart…

I have been honing my craft for 28+ years as an expert, teacher, and avid practitioner of “Exercises in Consciousness” a series of experiential tools that include Inner Child and Higher Self work, color therapy, breathwork, and somatic integration.

Using these tools we’ll get to the root of your many issues by exploring limiting beliefs and conclusions, contracts, and promises in your current personal or interpersonal relationships, including generational trauma that may be present.

We’ll spotlight strategies that help you to thrive and replenish your wellspring of health.

While most coaches give you “homework” to do between sessions, my approach is different. All you have to do is show up. What we do during each session manifests the transformation and life-changing results you desire.

No issue is too messy or embarrassing or complicated to unpack, heal and work through. Together we find the places to pause, breathe, and rebuild. After each session, you will feel more relaxed, integrated, and in alignment with your goals.

The work we do together goes far deeper than typical coaching. I will be your guide and help you reframe mindsets and behaviors that may be keeping you playing small. You’ll gain the confidence to say “Yes” to living your life at the level you know you’re capable of.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Fill in the intake form and what you’d like to accomplish.
  2. We’ll schedule a free 20 minute Facetime or Zoom video call to see if we are a good fit.

Some people spin in the same place for decades and they don’t know why. I help free them from that cycle. Once we break the paralysis caused by trauma and fear, life begins to move forward again.