“If money were no concern, what would you be doing right now?”

Every one of us has come across this question in our lives. Many of us know exactly what we would be doing and some even have ideas and plans on how to get there. So why aren’t we at least en route? Why have we yet to take even the first steps to get there? To those questions, there are a million different excuses and reasons, most of which seem valid.

Here are a few classics to jog your memory:

  1. Waiting for the right time
  2. Waiting for a sign (burning bushes, swooping hawks, astrological alignment etc)
  3. A ‘bad feeling’ in your gut
  4. Fear of failure
  5. Worrying about negative outcomes
  6. Waiting for permission
  7. Lack of experience
  8. Lack of funds
  9. Lack of time or just no time to waste
  10. Taking care of others’ needs before your own

Are these really what have stopped you from following your dreams?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What has brought me to this point in my life? Which ideas, decisions and beliefs?
  2. What would my life and career look like if I were tuned in, raring to go with my action muscles rippling?
  3. How would my relationships change if I  were my best, most joyful, and playful self?
  4. If I were completely honed in on any task at hand, with keen intuition and a sharp mind, how much could I accomplish with grace and ease?

You can be all of those things and so much more.

Where will this energy come from; to think differently, to take action?

It will come from you. Right here, right now, and the first step is understanding the problem. So please, take a few minutes of your time, a good measure of objectivity, a pen, paper and give the first 2 steps an honest assessment and effort, then finish steps 3 and 4.

Step 1: Identify your dreams by their parts

Make a list of tasks, dreams, and aspirations that you want percolating in your life now


And remember to use how you want to feel as a guide to anchor your dreams in reality.

Some ideas to start you off:

  • Feeling abundant: do philanthropic work that helps the world, and feeds your soul
  • Feeling spacious and relaxed: create passive income streams, spending more time doing what you love
  • Feeling aligned with your intuition: let your strong inner knowing guide your decisions, and fine tune your goals
  • Feeling blissful: when you interact with your family or partner, center your consciousness on a feeling of peace and acceptance

Step 2:  Pinpoint your excuses

Identify your reasons for not following your dreams


Are the above reasons constant companions and all the while your joy, creativity, and life-affirming muscles wither away into sadness, depression, anxiety, anger, or envy? Leave no stone unturned.

Step 3: Give your body a physical boost

Find a quiet spot to sit or stand. Take a deep breath, and flood your body with oxygen from head to toe. Then, calmly exhale. After you do this a few times, roll your hands into loose fists. From there, gently, begin to drum on your chest – just below your clavicles, by your thymus.

Do this for a few minutes. Feel yourself getting stronger, continue to breathe deeply, and empty your mind, body, and soul of all the day-to-day worries blocking your way. You will feel your body awakening as this circulation-stimulating exercise gets your blood pumping.

Take a few more deep breaths, and feel the shift happening in your body. Finally, shake your hands and arms loose. Fantastic!

Step 4: Take the next step. Then the next one.

Now you’ve given yourself the physical supercharge you need, your mind will be ready to tackle the task at hand. Be conscious of distractions and excuses prickling at you, and let them pass through you one by one. If you need to, refer back to the lists you made in the 1st and 2nd steps, and remind yourself of what you are doing and why. Remember that the excuses nothing more than pesky inner thoughts trying to hold you back.

If you find yourself drifting off or getting unfocused, use the exercise to refresh your focus.

Now your turn. What dreams have you manifested and what obstacles did you overcome? Dreams are important, keep dreaming and be willing to see them come alive.

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