I know this is just some rainbow coloured wire from a kid's racket, but it delights me just as much as holding a rainbow would. The light makes the colours pop and dance which in turn makes my heart dance. Happy Wednesday #themomentumclub #simplysantafe

I know this is just some rainbow colored wire from a kid’s racket, but it delights me just as much as holding a rainbow would.

Is there a way to repurpose things that we already have, but do not see as useful? Take a moment to look around and see if you have any untapped personal resources or even untapped connections in your life that are being missed as opportunities.

We can apply this enquiry to our relationships, work and passions. Are there things we are wasting that could be harvested? Are we coasting where we could be winning, if only we could see and utilize the available resources?

Leftovers for example, if used wisely can feed us for a week and save us precious time each day.

Make a list of the untapped personal resources that exist in your life. Then star the ones you think could be used for creating a more seamless life for you and your loved ones.

For instance, do you have any friends who are connection wizards? They could be a fantastic help for generating leads, prospective clients, or just an introduction to interesting people.  All those piles of clothes that you no longer wear, taken to the consignment store could provide you with a few extra dollars for the holiday season.

Here’s one I truly love, instead of letting the tap run, waiting for the water to get hot, use that cold water for watering plants or filter for drinking water.

Let’s keep going and take a little closer look at the relationships in your life. This could be a superb place to find untapped resources. It  could be in your relationship with your partner, children or colleagues. All those times we numb out in front of the TV could be goldmines of innovation and soul nourishing connections.

We all slide into lazy habits and forget to see people in our daily lives with fresh eyes. Waking up out of that behavior may just be the ingredient to fire up cooling passions.

Remember, it is very hard to know whether you are in a groove or a rut without looking at it differently.

If you hate to see waste and want to be part of a sustainable, conscious community, then start with yourself. By beginning to repurpose what personal resources you already have, you can create the changes you seek in your relationships, household and tribe. And if we all repurposed the stuff lying around gathering dust, we may just discover riches close at hand.

Now your turn. Tell me what you repurpose and what could you repurpose? Are there stale ideas that need a fresh perspective? Share them with us, right here in the comments below.

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