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“So, guys, who do we show respect to first?”

I am sitting on the sidelines of my son’s Jiu Jitsu class. The instructor is teaching the kids the “Characteristics Of A Winning Attitude” which are part of the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Credo.

And I love it.

This is an awesome question and one which we really should all know the answer to.

The answer is ourselves. If we don’t have self-respect, how can we expect others to respect us?

Respect for one’s self can manifest in a myriad of ways: eating well, getting enough sleep at night, exercising, cultivating healthy relationships and so on.

Self-respect also means allowing ourselves to flourish and create nourishing environments to achieve our dream goals. It means pruning behaviors and relationships that are not in alignment with our healthy, happy-ness making goals.

It means that we owe it to ourselves to seek support, mentors and companions who can elevate us, keeping us on track as we embark on the journey to being the best us we can be in our lives.

We should surround ourselves with people, opportunities, nutrients that draw out the joy and abundance all around us while reminding us to steer clear of struggle and stress based mindsets.

Don’t you want your self-respect to skyrocket?

Just think about what you could create if you gave yourself the support and encouragement you need. Think about how different your relationships would be if you moved through your life, filled with self-confidence, all the while curating meaningful, rich experiences.

I want you to truly think about self-respect and begin reframing your life through this lens. I want to see you flourishing and filled with radiance making self-confidence.

If this conversation is tickling your fancy or making you yearn for some mentoring, give me a shout. It would be my honour to be your guide towards a more prosperous life.


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