For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, summer is coming. According to the weather reports, we are going to have the hottest summer on record this year.

How does that make you feel? Are you excited because finally you’ll get some sun? (I am talking to you UK!). Or, are you dreading it because where you live it could mean higher utility bills, the possibility of forest fires, fried gardens?

It’s interesting how often we listen to weather reports and climate predictions with mild disinterest or fatalistic resignation. We may feel overwhelmed by the scale of the challenges ahead. We ask ourselves, “How can any one person make a big enough difference to make actual change happen?”

I get it and I say we can.

Before I get into that, I want us to take a few steps back.

About 20+ years ago, one of the things that attracted me to the “New Age” was the idea of human potential, i.e. what are we capable of doing? Can we communicate telepathically? Can we manifest things by focusing consciousness?

Back then, it was believed that we only used 10% of our brain’s capacity. Of course, we still don’t have an understanding of its capability, so the curiosity is still the same. This idea of unrealized potential with its untapped energy lit a fire in my mind and imagination. What else could my brain do if fully trained and tuned, I wondered?

I launched into activities in which I tested my brain’s capacity.  Mind over matter was especially interesting. I did firewalking, staying awake for days at a time, meditating, and even calling the rain.

In all of these activities and experiments, I noticed one common factor, the relationship between my state of consciousness and my success. The more still, clear, and focused I was, the better the outcome. So, I learned to drop the mental chatter and self-doubt.  To dive deeper into an inner quietude to direct my consciousness towards desired goals.
I have experienced great successes and some failures along the way. The purpose of all this experimentation was not to inflate my ego, but rather experience the joy of being a human utilising as many of my skillsets as possible.

Pioneering physicist Sir James Jeans once wrote: “The stream of knowledge is heading toward a non-mechanical reality; the universe begins to look more like a great thought than like a great machine. Mind no longer appears to be an accidental intruder into the realm of matter, we ought rather hail it as the creator and governor of the realm of matter. Get over it, and accept the inarguable conclusion. The universe is immaterial-mental and spiritual.”

That brings me back to this summer, its heat, and climate change. Would you be willing to try an experiment? To use your consciousness to cool the heat down a few notches? To change the climate, if only just a bit? Could you imagine cool, gentle rain falling on a dry, parched desert? How about putting out some forest fires?

Imagine if hundreds of us did this, not just once but every day, calling the rain, cooling the temperatures. What could happen?

Here’s how we call the rain.

FullSizeRender (1)Take a few moments to clear your thoughts. Inhale and exhale deeply a few times and then close your eyes. Now imagine rain; the sound of rain, the feel, and smell of rain. Think about all the times you have loved the rain and how it felt for you. Continue to immerse yourself in the experience and sensations of rain and imagine it raining with your whole heart. Call it forth and greet it with love and joy.

Imagine what it feels like to be rain, gathering in clouds and pouring from the skies. Imagine the first drops of rain touching the earth, the upturned face of a child. Imagine the blessings of an elder as the rain replenishes the dried river beds or puts out fires in burning forests.

Call the rain.

When you feel complete, take another deep breath and open your eyes.

Keep calling the rain, like a gentle mantra as many times as it takes to rain.

It may not rain immediately or for days. Do not be discouraged. Remember that we are exploring what can happen when we focus our attention and that we can participate in natural phenomena, such as the weather. It may take a few turns to get it right. Stay steady. Stay the course.

I would love to hear from you. Have you ever used your consciousness to change traffic lights or called for the sun to come out? How did you do it and have you been able to repeat the outcome? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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