What’s your bedtime routine? Do you floss? Do you shower or bathe? How do you relax before going to sleep?

We all have evening rituals that prepare our bodies for a night of slumber, but do you take the time to help your mind wind down before your head hits the pillow? Here are a few things you can do for your consciousness to bring on deep, delicious sleep every night. 

It goes without saying, all devices (iPads, smartphones, computers, or TVs) are turned off an hour before bedtime, no caffeinated drinks or sugary snacks, and don’t forget to switch to sunset lighting (meaning no overhead lighting just soothing light, for example Himalayan Salt lamps). Now that we have the house rules in order, we’re ready to begin.


1 Let go of all the conclusions you made about yourself during the day. For example – “I am not good enough”, “I can’t do this”, or “I don’t have enough money”. Release these potential sleep disrupters by  imagining a shower of white light pouring through you as you brush your teeth. Visualize all your negative thoughts and conclusions dissolving in the light.

2 Let go of the daily emotional rollercoaster, all those feelings you’ve felt today – even the good ones. No baggage in bed, even if it’s the Louis Vuitton of feelings. Turn on the white light shower and allow it all to rinse away.

3 Your body may need some attention too. If you’ve forgotten to love it during the day, here’s your chance. Tell your body that you love it by taking deep breaths and gradually relaxing your muscles, nervous system and bones. Begin at the tips of your toes, and work your way up to the top of your head.

4 Smile at yourself and those that you live with before you go to bed, and make sure that smile emanates from every cell of your body. Take off the daytime armor and drop your defenses.

5 Gratitude releases stress, so take a moment to reflect on your day with a gracious heart. This simple technique is a great way to become aware of all the fantastic stuff in your life!

6 If you have a difficult time falling asleep – let go of “trying” to sleep. Instead, enjoy the time you have for yourself, and use it to meditate, to contemplate and to muse.

Try adding one (or all) of these steps to your nightly routine, and see if it doesn’t make a significant difference in your sleeping patterns & quality of rest.

Remember: cleaning your spirit & consciousness of any negative energies or thoughts before bed is just as important as flossing or washing behind your ears! 

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