As I travel on this trail, I regularly come across new tidbits of research, stories, and songs that make life a fascinating landscape of discovery and charm. Most recently, I came across a few new ideas around longevity, health, and living disease-free.

Michael Mosley, a British medical journalist, has spent years looking for ways to live healthy without making many changes to his diet or lifestyle. In this BBC Horizon program entitled: “Eat, Fast and Live Longer”, Mosley discovers the extraordinary health benefits of the ancient tradition of fasting. He even suggests ways to fast without fasting for days on end. He recommends some very doable methods for reducing your waistline and achieving disease-beating health goals!!
Watch: Eat, Fast and Live Longer










Here is some new research that got me really thinking:  “fecal transplants”. It is as it sounds – delivery of healthy fecal matter to ailing, out of balance bodies in order to restore microbial balance for health. This TED talk by Jonathan Eisen entitled “Meet Your Microbes” illuminates the need to recognize our bodies as a community of microbes. Elsen believes that medicine and health should be approached from a place of relating to microbes as “us” and not “them”. Fascinating.
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What can your poop tell you about your health? In this interview, Suzanne Somers talks to Brenda Watson C.N.C about poop, digestion and constipation. Learn all about poop and how you can create a healthy environment in your intestines!
Watch: Suzanne Somers – What’s in your poop?











And finally, a song that lifts my heart. Brother Bob Marley’s Soul Rebel
Listen: Soul Rebel











Enjoy this feast of a life!

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