by Alexandra Anja NitscheDear Joy,

Navjit here. This may feel like an odd note to receive, but I wanted to reach out to you because things have been changing within me. I need to clear my head and speak with you directly.

I want to tell you that I feel you and I am so glad that you are part of my life. I feel your presence when I look at the stars or see my Leo singing as he works on a project.

I feel you bursting out of my heart when I feel the wind dancing through the trees and swirling through my hair.

I feel you nudge my face into a wide smile when the puppies leap and yip and friends hug me through and through.

Joy, you are ever true and light, light, light. Sometimes, I latch onto you and you spin me through the universe until I slip through the cosmic seams, weightless, in rapture-filled delight.

You rise through the cells of my body as bubbles and giggles. You break apart even the deepest logic with your holographic gaze. You were the first to introduce me to bliss, satori, nirvana – these distant friends.

I want to let you know that the excuses I’ve always used, to explain to myself why I keep you small inside and hidden from the world, although familiar, have grown old and do not fit as well as they used to. I no longer feel the need to be defensive, or get awkward or uncomfortable when I’m out, socially in the world.   I’m just not afraid that I’ll make others feel that way anymore either.

So, I’m embracing you fully and letting it show to everyone because I know that just like a hummingbird, you are fast and a conduit for sweet transformation. I offer you my body, my mind, my heart and give you the keys to my kingdom to uplift and transform, to sing the glories of matter, energy, and light.

Thank you, my love, joy.

Your forever friend.


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