Anger can be like a category 5 hurricane – a Katrina in your body.

Or it can be silent, cold, and deadly as rattlesnake’s venom.

It can be ugly and devastating, physically and emotionally.

In my angriest moments, I know I am not rational. But I suit up to battle to the end. All I think about is attacking my opposition, and causing enough damage to be victorious. My adrenaline flows, and my senses are heightened. I do not see the other person as a human being, but rather as an obstacle.

I do not think anger is a single emotion, but rather a culmination of many. If we were to strip away its outer layers, I’m sure we would uncover pain, frustration, but most importantly, fear. Fear of losing control, fear of humiliation, fear of inadequacy seeded with self doubt….

So for today’s meditation, let’s clear out any residual anger or fear we may be hiding within ourselves.

Sit down in a comfortable position. Take a deep breath, and close your eyes. Allow yourself to adjust to your awareness within. Breathe into your wholeness and clarity.

When you are ready, take another deep breath and ask your body where it is holding anger. You may feel it or sense it. It could be your stomach or your foot – just take the first place that comes into your awareness.

What does your anger feel or look like? What is your anger communicating? Listen carefully and consciously. Is there a story or a past hurt that feeds your anger? Again, allow yourself to know it – become familiar with it consciously, so you can recognize it.

Now, ask that place in your body what color it wants to release the anger.

Take the first color that comes into your awareness, and imagine it coming in from the universe, directly into the place where your anger resides. Imagine the color gently dissolving the anger, washing it away permanently. You may feel a shift or a tingling sensation. Take as much color as you need.

Once that holding space has cleared, take a couple of deep breaths and open your eyes.

Our emotions are a gift to us. We are just beginning to recognize their power. We can use them to enhance, but also easily destroy the very things we cherish and love.

In moments when you feel you may be holding onto residual negativity like anger or fear, take a few minutes to do this exercise and refresh your spirit. Deepen your connection to wholeness, and allow your heart to re-open its doors.