Part One



What’s the story of your bloodline? Do you have tales of ancestors who were courageous or murderous? Do you notice emotional or psychological traits in your family that have hindered them? Do you find yourself becoming more and more like a family member or being compared to an ancient aunt or uncle?

When we speak about our bloodlines we are speaking of our genetics and the histories that compose our particular clan. Stories of love, shame, loss, revenge, heroism, and even murder are passed from generation to the next through our bodies and blood. We accept this inheritance from our ancestors, warts and all, without ever questioning it. We don’t question the depression that we feel or the fear of failure that dwells in our hearts. We don’t ask: “Is this depression mine or have I inherited it from someone? Is there a pattern of fearing failure in my family? Do I want to pass on this trait to the next generation?”

When I look at my own bloodline, I can see dusty farms, hard working men and women,  warriors, the occasional wife beater, bright shiny ones lost in struggle, jokers and poets. I see a mix of nature and nurture raging and spewing; choices not made and choices lost due to circumstances making for a broad mixture of traits for me to inherit.

Thinking of my ancestors makes me feel heavy and straitjacketed at times. I can empathize with their struggles and triumphs and the lessons learned but I want to do more than empathize. I want to be able to choose the good habits and behaviours from the bad ones.

For example, I wonder what clearing an age old pattern of destruction (alcoholism) that has traveled lifetime after lifetime would look like for me and my family? In your family, it could be anything from clearing depression to poverty to arrogance – these themes entwine us all one way or another.

Desiring to clean our bloodline opens the door to examining and understanding our roots and what tethers us to negative outcomes or moves us towards winning ways. We get to dive in and explore our personal histories and begin to consciously reset past habits and behaviours by choosing actions and thoughts that create health and wellness; and we, in turn, become lighter beings.

Want to dive in and clean your blood with me? Here is how I do it.

Before you do this exercise, read through it a few of times to familiarise yourself with the steps. Ready?

Here we go:

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.

Give yourself a moment to shift your awareness from the outside to the inside.

Now on your next breath ask your inner voice/your Higher Self to show you an inheritance that you have that is hindering your well-being.

Sit quietly and pay attention to what you perceive in your mind’s eye. You may sense something or feel something. You may see images or memories flash. Keep observing until you sense the hindrance.

Now take a look at this inheritance and ask yourself: how is it affecting you particularly? What triggers this inheritance in you?

Once you know what the inheritance is and its energy, ask your Higher Self to show you what this inheritance looks like in your DNA.  

Again, listen and observe.

Trust your intuition and refrain from judging what you are perceiving.

You may see an image or a double helix with a dark spot. Whatever form it takes for you, just go with it.

Ask your Higher Self to laser the inheritance out of the DNA using the brightest, whitest light.

Keep lasering the white light until you feel or see a shift in the DNA.

Take a deep breath and open your eyes.

Write down what you experienced.

Did you gain any insights into your behaviour or situation? If you experienced difficulties with this exercise, please don’t fret. This may be a new way to interact with your consciousness and so it may take a few more attempts to become fluid in perceiving what is happening inside you. When I first started doing these exercises in consciousness™ I thought I was making things up but over time I noticed that if I quieted my mind and just observed what my subconscious was showing me, things began to make sense.

Now it’s your turn. What histories are you carrying that you would like to release? How did you find this exercise?  Was it easy or complicated?  I use exercises like these in my work with people as a tool to expand consciousness.  If you would like me to guide you in a consciousness expansion exercise,  click here.

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