Be. Here. Now. Photo credit: Stanter Kandola

As much as we love spending time with our families there are times when they drive us completely bonkers.

Families are complex hierarchies and oftentimes ruled by spoken and unspoken agreements. Feet get trodden on, feelings get hurt and tempers flare.

Anytime I feel overly burdened by family responsibilities, chores or people needing more attention than I can give, I will literally burst out through the doors and breathe in the universe through my eyes, lungs, and skin. And as the freshness of life enters me through my senses, I let go.

I let go of micro-managing myself and others. I let go of making a gazillion decisions about who is going to eat what and what time people will arrive and so on.

I reach for the outdoors. A walk. A swim. A jump. A sigh.

I love the outdoors because nature (be it trees, rivers, or the sky) connects me to the unlimited universe. Because indoors for me means containment and focus, the outdoors is the expansion and play I need to nourish my spirit. It realigns my mind and brings me back to a calm space of creativity and alertness.

If you find yourself experiencing cabin fever or feel you need a little space from your clan try this meditation: rush out of the doors of your home, car or party and find yourself met by the vivacity of life – think fresh air, trees, desert, and sunlight.

Drink it in, breathe it in, allow it to wash off all the things you’ve been carrying in and around you and savor the moment.

Ready for the holidays? Not quite? Here’s a little something to help you get your mind, body, and soul just so for the holidays: Surviving Holidays – 12 meditations to keep you sane and cheery. It’s free and life-affirming.

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Here’s to being here now!