There are many suffering right now: whether in Syria, France, Beirut, or Afghanistan.

Those displaced by war, famine and climate change.

Families seeking shelter and food.  Hungry children.

We must not shield our hearts from this knowledge. We need to inquire purposefully into the cycles of destruction and violence, so the endless play of victim and victimizer can finally cease.

It doesn’t take much investigation to find that destruction and violence are as old as our origins, but that is only one part of the story.

If we look deeper still, we can clearly see that we would not have survived had we not cooperated, collaborated and cared for one another. Compassion, love, and kindness are part of our evolutionary success story.

I think our continued success depends on further nourishing these traits. When we take care to develop them, we begin to see the interconnectedness of all life; that everything is sacred. That child. That lion cub. That forest. That body. That mind. All of it is sacred.

And so today, as we walk and move in our lives, let us remember we can make a difference. We have the power to heal, to nourish, and to offer friendship and shelter to all of humanity through our thoughts, deeds and actions.

When we do that, we begin a new cycle of sacred responsibility, anchored in our kinship.

And now, a meditation for you – a nurturing exercise for healing a hurt heart, a broken spirit, or a confused mind.

Take a moment and register what you are feeling. Allow yourself time to identify the deeper currents of your emotions. Breathe deeply into your body, pause a moment, and then slowly, deliberately exhale. Repeat this a few times until you feel yourself relaxing.

Now make your hands into cup shapes (as if you were about to cup some water to drink), and begin to pat your body gently but firmly. Start wherever you feel the your body most needs attention. It could be your chest or your solar plexus. Continue with the rest of your body, making sure you pat everywhere; including your bottocks, the back of your shoulders, legs, feet, etc. This will take some time, but it is worth every second.

This exercise brings blood up to the periphery of our bodies, and that in turn communicates to the body that it is safe. When our circulation moves in such a way, we can let go of contraction, fear, confusion, and even our struggles.

Once you have patted your whole body, inhale deeply and close your eyes. Feel the soothing, energized waves of energy flowing through your body now.

On your next deep breath, ask your Higher self, the wisest, most loving part of your self, to touch your body where it holds the essence that transcends the victim/victimizer equation. You may feel or see the body part.

Breathe into this space, and sense the essence radiating from it. It may be a tingling sensation or a warm feeling. Give yourself a moment to fully connect to it. Now, begin to expand this energy throughout your body.

How does this essence feel? Is it peaceful or loving? Is it a calm awareness. Allow yourself to discern this quality that will transcend the victim/victimizer scenarios.

Now, take another deep breath, and ask your Higher Self to give you a message that will help you understand your part in healing this world. Listen carefully. Ask questions until it is quite clear to you.

Breathe quietly and purposefully, and then open your eyes.

We must be the change we seek in the world. When we recognize this truth and apply it every day of our lives, we become more powerful than governments, corporations and the darkness that destroys our humanity.

Be true. Be willing to shine.

Many heartfelt and warm blessings to you. Please share this post with loved ones, friends and colleagues. It may help soothe a heart or open a mind that is closing up due to fear and anger. And you, tell me your thoughts and ideas on creating peace.


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