higher power


Oftentimes when things are going well; we are finding success, getting our way, etc. we credit it to the universe or a higher power. “The universe is listening to me” or “My guardian Angel is on the ball today.”

I probably say similar things 10 times a week.

When our wishes come true we seem more prone to believing in a higher power. Or, when we’ve avoided some calamity we say our prayers have been answered.

Why don’t we credit these same forces when things go wrong, when wishes are left unfulfilled or prayers go unanswered? “The game was going great until Jesus made me fumble!” is the logical counterpart of every victory speech that includes, “Thank you Jesus for helping us win.”

In those times, are we really out of sync with the universe or unworthy in the eyes of some force? Does G-D really pick and choose when to help or let us hang?

How can we trust such confusing and capricious behaviour? Relying on an unknown is faith, but relying on something that is inconsistent is nothing more than anxiety, insecurity, and uncertainty in the making. It’s a growing fear that we are at the mercy of unseen forces whose whims and wishes we can not map or predict.

I, for one find myself looking for something a little bit more reliable. I’m with Timothy Leary in that regard, when he said: “Trust your nervous system.”

Whether or not I trust a higher power or desire to be in the “flow” with the universe really makes no difference to my approach because I start with me. I first do my due diligence by leaning on my body and senses. I do conscious breathing, I eat well, I exercise, I sleep, I connect to my inner voice – in other words – I do my share in creating the flow and avoiding the catastrophe.

And when I do that, I notice a significant absence of anxiety and fear.

I also notice an increase in self confidence and self trust. Experiencing myself in this way makes me feel connected and not separate or apart from the universe or G-D; that I am the seeing, feeling, thinking and being part of the universe or G-D.

If I include me in the ways I have described then I can find the connection to the bigger whole no matter the situation or dilemmas ahead of me.

How do you connect to your higher power? How do you know when you are in sync with your life and wellness? In which areas of your life are you asking for help? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below. Drop me a line if you think I could be of help.