Dear Friends,

This year we have weathered uncertainty, loss and still managed to knit our families and homes together in the midst of a pandemic.

We have been brave, spacious, generous, tenacious, patient, willing, flexible, frustrated, afraid, doubtful, angry, envious, kind-hearted, daring, hopeless, and hopeful.

Dare we turn our gaze to the year we are sending off? And look at the good and the bad behind us? Can we see we are being pushed forward not only by the good fortunes but also by the challenges of the last year?

Dear friends as we greet the new year and you find your struggles unsettling your being, I invite you to press pause and give yourself breathing space. Allow yourself to let go of the burdens, if only for a moment, and just breathe. Could you set aside your burdens and breathe unfettered for a few moments?

If there is indifference or apathy, I invite you to press pause and examine your feelings and thoughts. Take your time. Be patient. There may be stuff here for you to unpack. Be kind to yourself.

If there is excitement, I invite you to let it spread to your body’s extremities and sit with the sensations. Anchor the excitement, allow it to nourish you so that it becomes a long-lasting fuel.

Beginnings and endings. From our first breaths to our last, within all of this is us, you and me, conscious witnesses to the processes of being human and divine. I invite you to lean into it all and pierce the illusion of separation and dive into your non-dual cosmic consciousness.