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Hello  friends,

This post is about one thing, thanking you for being you, for staying at home or working on the frontlines, for taking care of loved ones near and far.

My sense is that you are a kind, decent being. That you think deeply about life and how things are connected. That our thoughts and action matter.

From my heart, I would like to say to you please take good care of yourself and your consciousness. Your consciousness is a powerful resource. It is. Just ask the advertising companies and lobbyists who spend millions of dollars vying to get a foothold in your mind.

And because it is such a valuable resource it needs thoughtful attention. It needs to breathe, explore and stretch. It needs nourishment, safety, and stability to express its potential and wingspan. It needs you to be its ally. Do what you must to keep your consciousness vibrant, fresh and open. Get the support you need. We all need you.


Because the fabric of your being lifts us all.

Your heartbeats make a difference.

You are important.

So read a poem.

Or better yet write your poetry.

Take a deep long breath.

Listen to birdsongs outside your window.

Marvel at the empty streets.

Press pause and free fall.

Press play and dance.

Get naked because being naked is its own kind of freedom

Daydream and doodle.

Think unwieldy thoughts.

Climb on your countertops and see the world from a different perspective.

Whisper. Tiptoe. Laugh.

Do. Be. do. be. YOU.

You are precious to me.

Photo credit Vivi Photogrpahy

Here’s a little help to get you started, a short exercise.

The White Light Exercise

Please read through this exercise a couple of times to familiarize yourself with the steps of the exercise before starting it.

Take a deep breath into your body and close your eyes. Exhale slowly and steadily. Take a few more in and out-breaths in this way to steady your being.

Now on your next breath imagine white light flowing through you from the universe. A beautiful, radiant white light moving through you from the top of your head all the way down to your feet. Notice if there are areas that need a little more time to connect with the light. Slow down and allow those areas to open or relax.

There is no rush. Take your time. What happens when you slow down and relax? Keep visualizing the white light coming in from the universe and filling your body.

When your body and being feel full then imagine the white light coming in from the universe and out through your belly button/solar plexus area. Radiate it out like a beam of light back out to the sky. Give yourself a few moments to adjust your senses to perceive the energy of the light.

Continue breathing and extending the light. Allow your consciousness to feel the light and connect to it. It is the journey and home.

When the exercise feels complete for you take a couple of deep breaths and open your eyes. Look around you. What has changed within you? Are things brighter? Are your thoughts calmer?

Doing this simple exercise nourishes your consciousness. It allows it to spread its wings, to communicate in a cosmic, limitless, timeless language. It connects us to our source.

Moving Forward

A little announcement regarding my posts. Instead of weekly or monthly posts, from now on I will be dropping by, from time to time with thoughts or tips or musings. Sometimes there may be a flurry of posts and sometimes a postcard after months of silence. I want to bring the best of me to you and that means trusting the rhythms of my life, my inner voice and listening to what is being called forth from me.

I hope you will continue to journey with me.

With love,



“After each session, I felt de-congested and clear of what needed to be done. I became aware of my negative thoughts and patterns which I can now consciously modify and dissolve; the very things that don’t contribute to my freedom and self-expression. I love going in and getting in touch with my inner child, my thoughts and teachings that make me who I am.” – Yvonne


 “I was ready to release my pain and problems and focus on improving my relationship with my daughter. My work with Navjit was truly incredible – it was easy, light and done with great understanding and love.” – Liliene