oliveraskingHave you ever asked for something and did not get it? So you dropped the thing you were asking for and settled in with feeling sorry for yourself?

Me too. Many times.

But there were times when I did not drop it. Instead, I asked again. I went around another way, refined my request, opened myself wider to receive in another form. And when it still did not happen, I asked again (usually after some tears and feeling heart broken). And then again.

Each “no” or rejection taught me something vital about myself, my approach and my desire. They also taught me about how ready I was to accept defeat.

Asking for help or love or money has not been easy for me. I thought I had to do it all by myself to prove to the world that I was more than capable and that I would live up to the ideals of being a super human. Some of those ideals I was born with, some I took on from my family and the cultures I was raised in, and some, I aspired to manifest.

But that way of being can be filled with unnecessary struggle and martyrdom. Too proud to ask for support or take help when offered. Yeesh! We hold countless conclusions about asking and especially the big stuff that dreams need to become real.

Whether we are asking for miracles, health or wealth there is a key ingredient that needs to be in place for the asking to succeed. It has nothing to do with whether someone will give us what we want or being able to afford it financially.

It has everything to do with receiving: being willing to open beyond our deepest constrictions and self sabotage to the what-ifs, to possibilities.

What if you get a YES instead of a no? What if someone steps up and loves you? What if you feel healthier because it is inside of you? What if you, yes YOU win the impossible race? How would that feel? The YES, the LOVE, the HEALTH, the WINNING? That feeling is the gateway, the beginning point of asking. Ask with that feeling bubbling in your heart, in your lungs and in all the trillions of cells and imagine radiating it out in a gazillion directions. Let it go. Then, go on with your day and life and see what happens.


If you notice no bounty, no change then ask again and connect to the feeling of what it feels like to have what you want and amplify it and send it out into the universe. Sing from the rooftops, tell others of your delight in wanting what you want… you can make magic happen.

Ask again and again, refine your request until the sound of it is as clear as a bell. Open and allow.

Now your turn, please share with me: What do you want? What would it feel like if you got exactly what you wanted?

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