Lately, I’ve heard people saying things like, “Fall is on its way!” or the enthusiastic, “Can’t wait for sweater season!” And one of my neighbors cheerily shared, “Halloween decorations are on sale!”

These statements sent shivers down my spine. I know I’m exaggerating a little but you have to understand that the impending cold and the longer nights aren’t my cup of tea. After all, fall is the harbinger of winter.

Whilst I love the burnished flaming reds and oranges of fall, a part of me yearns for summer’s extended embrace — the endless days of sunshine, refreshing dips in the pool, and the drama of monsoons.

But then, isn’t every season a gift in its unique splendor? If summer is about freedom and vitality, autumn whispers tales of reflection, wood fires, and harvests. It’s in the earthy notes of stews, the soft embrace of a favorite jumper, and the crunch of leaves underfoot…

Ha! Who am I kidding? The heart wants what it wants and I’m going to hold on to the summer for a little bit longer. Please and thank you.

So, today I invite you to find ways to carry that sunshine with you. Maybe it’s through a vibrant bouquet of flowers from your garden or windowsill, a sunlit afternoon stroll, or even a bright, fruity dessert.

Until next time, may this gorgeous season create a cascade of cherished moments for you.
Much Love,

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