Meet and greets. Hellos and goodbyes. First impressions and lasting impressions all speak about who we are in relation to others.

Whether it is loved ones or total strangers we are meeting, one fact is true: we get to choose what part of us they experience. Some people prefer to wait a while before they trust someone enough to show their love. Others start with hugs and kisses.

Here’s my question for you: how would you like to be in relationships? Whether with strangers or loved ones?

Perhaps you would open yourself to be more loving, kind, or trusting. Maybe you want to trust yourself more, and let yourself be relaxed and good natured.

Let’s explore that potential today.

Here we go:

Take a couple of deep breaths into your body, and close your eyes. Breathe as deeply as you can, and exhale out through your mouth with a burst of breath. Do this a few times.

Now, begin to breathe in your natural rhythm. Listen to your breath and your thoughts. Allow them to quiet down.

Once you feel the quiet, ask your body where it holds those qualities (kindness/love/openness, etc.) that you would like to feel when in relationships. Give yourself a moment to feel into those qualities, and tune into the places/s where your body holds them.

What do they feel like? Warmth? Energy? Light? Take your time to recognize these feelings, and open your awareness to how they amplify and nourish your sense of self.

Now, imagine filling up with these qualities until they spill out from your body, flowing into the room, your home, and then out into the world. Continue with this exercise until you are full. Then, when you are ready, take another deep breath and open your eyes.

The world is only a breath away from being a “better” place. We’re lucky to have the chance to contribute to this possibility through the choices we make every day. Imagine the world we could create if everyone we met experienced firsthand the kindness in us, or the love in us. I feel that would make the world feel a great deal safer and friendlier – one greeting, kiss, or gesture at a time.