Dear friends,

How are you? How are things unfolding in your part of the world? Are you self isolating by yourself or with family, or friends?

It is my hope that you are safe and that you are surrounded by people who rise up to meet this challenge with love and kindness.

You know that we human beings are hard-wired for connection and certainty, and right now both of these are being tested. Being confined, whether alone or together, can feel stressful. We lose our temper with loved ones one minute and hug them full of gratitude the next. The pendulating between extremes is par for the course.

We’ve cooked, baked and made art. We’ve talked to family members and had virtual hangouts with friends. Watched all the news channels and then some. And yet, all of these activities don’t bring relief to the nagging anxiety bubbling underneath the surface.

That anxiety or fear is a signal warning us that something is amiss. That we better pay attention. That our safety or well being is under attack. If we are smart, we listen and acknowledge it.

That’s the first step. Yes, we are afraid. We are anxious and need to take care of ourselves. Then there’s the second step, which is recognizing that this is also an opportunity to get better at dealing with anxiety, at being in relationships, and maintaining a better, stronger mindset.

What better time than now to deepen relationships and work through existing anxieties or self-defeating behaviors. We must be bold to ask the next series of questions which are, what is the next thing to do? What can I expect of myself? How do I really want to handle this pandemic?

When asking yourself these questions, remember that there’s space for us to be bigger. To be heroic. To be so loving that we can soothe the nerve endings of a whole neighborhood. We can activate Buddha, Jesus, hero levels of compassion and goodness. We have these qualities within us and what better time than now to level up.

I know it’s hard right now, but I am here to help. Click here for a free Discovery Session*  to help you recalibrate or if you are ready to go deep, step this way.

With Love,


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