previewVery rarely when we are cornered or find ourselves in a foxhole will we choose to dance as a possible solution to the dire straights we are in.

I know it is not logical in the least to think that when facing a life/death situation that putting on Donna Summer is going to help. It probably wouldn’t.

But, thankfully we are not in life/death scenarios every day so we have some wiggle room for creating alternative responses to stressful realities that compose our lives.

We know that Albert Einstein was on to this way back when he said: “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

The “same thinking” or way of approaching our problems can be changed – has to be changed.

So, that’s where disco or dub, or Beethoven or Beck come in. If we could imagine for a moment, using our whole bodies to address an issue instead of just our minds, we would discover a whole plethora of solutions to any given problem. A daring possibility; to choose stepping outside of “thinking” to find an answer.

I know, I know it sounds foolish, even simplistic to think that dancing could solve real world problems.

But imagine busting out your best disco moves at a parent/teacher conference to soothe misunderstandings, or having the confidence to twerk at a networking event to ease tension or nerves. Imagine, if we gave ourselves the permission to interact in a thousand different ways in any given situation and still achieve our goals and meet the deadlines.

The big leap here is the permission to use our imagination and follow it through.

I think we all forget these fun, amazing, silly but genius parts of ourselves and forfeit them for fitting in and convenience. The genius, the fun, it’s all in there but we need to choose it.

Somewhere in our lives we learned that challenges or difficult situations are resolved through seriousness and intellectual rigor and in turn it has become our default solution finding method.

UGH. The rebel in me says: NO MORE. There have to be other ways to get through dark days and the whims of fate. And there are, we just need to try them out.

Here are some ideas and approaches from my creative vaults.

  1. Big decisions. A big decision needing to be made?  Take all the energy and uncertainty and put into into your dance. Shake loose the fear and judgement.
  2. In a Feud. If you find yourself in a big old row – take a deep breath and strut around; move like Jagger if you have to. Find the humour and don’t take yourself too seriously. Your opponent will have to find someone else to fight with.
  3. Low self-esteem. Don’t believe in yourself, or feeling too self-conscious? Take yourself to a mirror and pull some ugly faces. Stick your tongue out at yourself. Still feeling low? OK, time to bring out the Rocky victory jump… Remember that scene where Rocky runs through the streets and finally makes it up the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum? Raise your arms and mimic his moves. You’re a champ and don’t forget it!
  4. Uncertainty/doubt. This energy requires a real fun approach because uncertainty and doubt can be so slithery and heavy at the same time. So, roll around on the ground like a log. First one way and then back. Doing this a few times will get you back on a confident track!
  5. Procrastination/inertia. This duo can leave you in never, never land if you’re not careful – so what to do? Pour yourself a big jug of water (cold or hot depending on the level of inertia/procrastination) and throw it at your face. And then smile. That will do the trick. Or, if you are not quite ready for that, or it is too inconvenient, go jump on a trampoline. Moving is your best bet when it comes to this pair!
  6. General seriousness. Think of a great prank to play on yourself. It works every time because you have to get pretty creative to get one over yourself. And if it feels like you are wasting time; so much the better. Be the clown & laugh heartily.
  7. Bad moods. Take it easy. Don’t judge yourself and turn that frown upside down. Smiling (especially from your heart) is quite the revolutionary and evolutionary act. Simply by smiling you can boost your immunity and approach-ability.

Whether you find yourself rolling your eyes or agreeing with me would you be willing to try some of these (genius) techniques for getting out of stuck patterns or emotional cul-de-sacs?

We do not have to live in emotional or behavioral, politically/socially correct cages.

So let’s get the genius juice flowing and throw down some dance moves, unleash spontaneous guffaws, jump victoriously, prank ourselves and find a million ways to light up our lives.

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