More Positive

Photo Credit: Sujan Sarkar

How positive are you?

Are you positive to the point to of unicorns, rainbows and happily ever afters?

Or are you positive enough to see your glass as half full?

Are you just positive enough to list what you’re grateful for?

And shiny enough to know the world won’t always be dull?

Part One

Choosing and Being Positive

Being positive requires us to make the choice to change the way we focus our mindset and how we frame conversations, relationships, ideas about ourselves and people in our lives.  Staying positive requires us to recognize that the state of our biochemistry, hormones, lipids and proteins influence our emotions and bodies very directly, as well.

Here’s the problem: If we aren’t in the right environments or are emotionally, hormonally, physically, or spiritually off balance, we may find that choice to be unavailable to us. We feel the pull and drag of doubts and fears. It fast becomes a conundrum like which comes first the chicken or the egg? Which matters more, the hormones, et al or the chosen mindset?

Perhaps we don’t have to have an answer when it comes to this question. Maybe, we can approach this scenario in two ways: actively create a positive mindset eg: think what a wonderful opportunity you face when there’s a hard day ahead, and take advantage of delays and waiting time to relax. Think to yourself- “This delay gives me the opportunity to breathe and relax instead of rushing around.” The relaxing in turn creates a more pleasant inner, hormonal environment which in turn creates a more positive attitude.

Practicing choosing to be positive and at the same time, making the choice to relax, create positive feedback loops making it more and more the default response for most situations and realities you may encounter in your daily life.  A win for all.

Part Two

Playing Bigger, Brighter and Stronger

Now let’s move the conversation up a few notches.

Is it possible to upgrade our positivity mindset?

Could a more positive mindset provide a tonic to firm up our sense of self and security in these challenging days of upheaval, uncertainty, and doubt?

I believe it can.

Here are 5 ways you can boost your positivity today.

1 Vision and Clarity – ask yourself: how big is my vision for myself and all the things that are important to me? If your vision is one in which you are a loser every time eg the one who doesn’t get the job, or make the money, can’t go on vacation or feel excited about life, it may be time to scrap those thoughts and start thinking bigger in which you experience joy or fulfillment, a vision that makes you feel proud of yourself.

2 Get the Data – ask yourself whether you prefer being positive or negative? Which feels better to you?  Whichever is the most rewarding then go for that way of being.

3 Practice makes it possible – ask yourself: am I willing to be positive in the face of my negative scripts? Am I willing to make the changes even if they feel hoaky or I feel self-conscious?

4 Peers and seers – ask yourself: who are the most positive people in my life? How do I feel when I am around them? Make an effort to surround yourself with people who inspire you. Develop your ideas, share your passions and feed your heart and soul.

5 Passion – ask yourself: what am I passionate about? What can I discuss endlessly? What truly lights me up? Do more of that.

Building our positivity muscles can create the kind of momentum to achieves goals that have lived as secret, untapped dreams: an Oscar speech, a Nobel Prize for peace, ending hunger,  finding self-fulfillment, becoming a parent, overcoming trauma and so on.

I invite you today to consider upgrading your positivity levels and bring on the new dawn for better days ahead for all of us.

If you would like some loving guidance, encouragement or a roadmap for unleashing your positivity, even if it is under layers of struggle or trauma, please click on this link for a chat about how we can get you started.