We have so many feelings surrounding money. It can trigger our emotions, and make us feel rich or poor, confident or sad.

Money can be the difference between being homeless and living in a palace. It can provide access to worlds and experiences that exist outside the normal circumference of our lives. We seek it, we work for it, and yearn for more of it. We project so much onto money, and associate it with so much power that we expect it to fill in the gaps in our lives.

Our feelings about money can range from adoration to absolute hatred. Today, let us explore our relationship to money, extend energy to it, and give to it – instead of always taking. After all money, is an energy. We can amplify that energy through our consciousness, and invite money to be our friend.

Here we go.

Take a couple of deep breaths into your body and close your eyes. Breathe in quietly and sweetly, allowing the breath to reach past the diaphragm all the way down to the solar plexus. Feel the luxury of the breath inside your beautiful body.

Take your time, and connect to the wonder of you, the wealth inside of you. Feel it moving through your body. Allow your body to relax in this sense of abundance within.

Take another deep breath, and ask money to take a form as it lives in your life. Take the first form you see. It can be anything – a dollar bill, a tree, a pile of rubble. What is the energy of this symbol that you perceive? Is it sticky? Does it make you tighten your chest? Or does it make you feel good? Just perceive what is being triggered inside you.

Now, ask money what gift it would like from you. Again, take the first thing you perceive. It may be a feeling or an object – a feeling of laughter or a bag of gold. Imagine this gift coming in from the universe, through your body, and extend it to money. Then, watch what happens.

Keep extending as much of this gift as money wants – until it is quite full.

Great. Now ask money what gift it wants to give to you. Just allow it to show you. It can be anything. A hug, dollars, rainbows – whatever it is, imagine this gift coming to you and filling you up. What does it feel like? Does it activate a feeling or a sense of being? Take as much as you need to feel completely full, thus creating a sense of openness to receiving from money.

Once you feel you have enough and then some, take your time to imprint this new sense of relationship with money onto your conscious awareness. As you imprint this, your whole body’s vibration will become like a magnet for attracting positive, nourishing channels of abundance.

And finally, take another deep and release the form of money into the light. Breathe into your body and enjoy.

We are endlessly wealthy, and can always create new pathways for money to be our friend.



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