Dear Friends,

What if you don’t like yourself? Or feel that you’re not good enough? 

Sometimes we may find that we do not like ourselves or that we are not good enough. There are many valid reasons why one may come to such conclusions and most of these can be corrected, but before you commit to believing such statements about yourself, make sure that they are true.

​I have fallen for negative statements about my looks, abilities, friendships, money, and so much more. I could probably go on forever if I spent a little more time thinking about this list. But to what end? To rile up misery and crush dreams?

No, instead, I make a stand and ask questions. I question my beliefs, I question what appears to be the truth, or even challenge the holy altar of my beliefs.

The questions lead to insights. I’m not unintelligent, What a shocker! I do get tired, I’m attractive enough for me, and I have a purpose-filled life that feels very prosperous. I laugh a great deal. I love fervently and my curiosity leads the way daily. 

I’ve come to realize that when we make these kinds of statements about ourselves like-

                 “I’m not smart enough”


“I’m a loser”                                     

we see ourselves through a very narrow lens. We forget all the other parts of ourselves like the part that cares for others or the part that smiles at children or laughs at bad jokes.

We forget that within ourselves we are many parts, not just one.

Today, I encourage you to catch the pernicious thoughts, assumptions, and beliefs that pierce your inner balance and serenity. Be willing to slow down, to enquire about the nature, purpose, or truth of your inner dialogues and commentaries.

See you soon, my dear friends.