Morning walk.

Morning walk.

I am thinking about you, today, as I sit here in the midst of winter storm Goliath.

You. The lovely reader sitting behind your laptop or smart phone, scanning these words from your part of the world.

I am wondering:

Did anyone ever teach you to love yourself, and be proud of who you are? At school, did you learn about opening your heart, or trusting your inner voice?

Did a grown-up remember to tell you that singing was healing, and laughter could feed a hungry heart? Or that dancing was a way for your body to speak and celebrate?

Were you ever advised to love the beauty around you, or to stop and smell the flowers?

Did someone find the time in their day to help you find your way to the truth within you?

If no one has ever told you these things, then I want you to know that it is not too late for you to learn them. It is not too late to learn to love yourself and be proud of who you are.

It is never too late to open your heart and begin listening to your inner voice.

You are not too old or tired to see the beauty around you.

I want to tell you that you are a unique, wonderful, light-filled expression of divine creation. There is no other like you and for that reason alone you are invaluable to all of life.

I want to tell you these things, in case someone forgot to mention them to you and you have been wandering, untethered to your heart because of it.

I want to say to you: come home to your precious self. Come home and breathe a big, belly breath until your whole body smiles. Did you know the world works better when you love yourself? Peace happens when you trust you. Know these things, my beloved friend for they shape the world we belong in.

And in honor of that knowing, let’s do our final 2015 meditation together. Please join me for a few moments now and imagine filling your whole body with light as you close your eyes. Radiate the light out into the world: people, plants, animals, oceans, skies,and even your past.

Keep going. Breathe, radiate the light. Expand, extend, express your heartfelt wishes through the light. And then when you feel you are done, take another deep breath and open your eyes.

Thank you.

And thank you for joining me over the years in our many contemplations, meditations and celebrations of light. Thank you for reading my posts and sharing your thoughts with me. Please keep doing that and sharing the posts with loved ones.

I send you my best love.

See you in 2016!!

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