With Navjit still in the UK with her family, she has asked that we run an older meditation. Being that it is early in the morning and gray outside we have opted to go with one to turn on our inner light… and wake us up.

-The Tenderlogic Team

From the Monday Meditations for Mindfulness

inner light

Instant Energy: How to switch your inner light on

Some days, just the thought of focusing on breathing exercises or meditating can seem like too much. Everything else needs your attention – right now! The demands of deadlines, meetings and family life keep you on a tight leash. Your adrenals pump adrenaline and cortisol to help you cope with the stresses, and there’s no ‘slowing down’ in sight.

For such days, this simple, light exercise will create some breathing space for you. Light is an essential ingredient for your health and wellness, so connecting to it is just as important as eating well or exercising.
Here we go.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Take a few more breaths until you feel a subtle shift – a quietening or calming sensation. Now, imagine with every breath you take, your body is beginning to fill with light. Let the light fill your whole body. Keep breathing and filling with light. What does the light feel or look like? Is it like a morning sun or a deep, golden hue? When you feel full, let this light radiate out of you into the entire room, and out further.

Now, open your eyes and keep breathing and connecting to the light. Imagine you are like the sun; radiant, warm and energizing. Take another deep breath into your body, and allow yourself to step back into your life with the light inside of you, and know that you can switch on this light whenever you like.

Remember to turn on the light several times a day to energize your body, and to remind yourself that you can be nourished on the go from within.

Light is on!