Alexandra Anja Nitsche

Today, I want to ask you to invest in yourself. Why do I ask?  Because, you are worth it.

Recently a client shared that she was looking at making a 7 figure income this year. When we first started working together she was in debt and struggling to find what she was meant to do. In time, we came to understand what she was passionate about and how she could succeed doing what she loved.

Another client recently shared that he is celebrating his 5 year anniversary heading his own successful company. I remember the session we did where he was deciding to leave his job.




A third client became a leader in the self-development industry and is now a coveted speaker and international author.

They all have one thing in common. They all invested in their inner growth. They had the courage to look at the good, the bad and the ugly. Of course, this type of self-awareness doesn’t happen in a 30-minute appointment or weekend seminar. It takes time, but like any great endeavour, it is worth the investment. The results speak for themselves.

Investing in yourself isn’t something we are taught. Instead, we think of education as something to get done and then we go to work.

The truth is, education should never end. Real success requires a continuous flexing of the muscles and learning new skills. There is no greater knowledge than self-knowledge. Nor is there any knowledge harder to gain. It is this self-knowledge that helps us to flourish, become champions, leaders but it is, often times hidden behind layers of low self- esteem, negativity and fears.

If you don’t know what your strengths are, how can you hope to succeed? The same is true for the opposite. Without knowing your weaknesses, you unwittingly fall prey to them again and again.

Speak to any successful person and they will tell you: get a coach, work on yourself. Learn how to be you even better. Get clear, boost your self-confidence and take consistent actions.

That’s why I want to ask you: do you know what your strengths are? Are you leveraging them to your advantage? Can you take the consistent action steps to gain momentum and get results that fulfill you?

Take a moment right now and ask yourself: am I ready to dive in and discover who I am? Am I ready to transform my life? Am I tired of watching others succeed whilst I dream?

If your answer is YES then take the next step and give yourself the gift of a Free Discovery Session with me. It’s your turn to turn on!


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