Dear Friends,

We’re driving through the desert, the sky is blue and the air is crisp. 

​Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan is playing on the car stereo and my mind meanders from one topic to the next until it finally settles on this one; outside of family and friends, who would I want to gather with for dinner and conversation?

A list begins to form in my mind. I start by asking myself this question: who are the people with interesting ideas? Who thinks outside the box in art, fashion, technology, education, psychology, environment, and business? That list feels exciting to imagine and curate.

I want to sit with the kinds of people who are exploring their field of inquiry/interest with steadfastness and sincerity rooted in what benefits humanity and the planet as a whole.

As I further distil my thoughts and ideas, I realize that irrespective of age, race, gender, political affiliation or ideology, I am drawn to those whom I can learn from. Those special  ones who have something to share and without which, there is little hope of us inhabiting a brighter future.

That is who I would try to be as a dinner guest at any table, fancy or meager, small or large, early or late. It would be a feast of ideas, laughter, listening, and remembrance of our good hearts.

Today, I invite you to be curious about your ideas. Which ideas ignite you and bring clarity to your continued growth? Who’s dinner table do you wish you had a seat at?

See you soon, my dear friends.