Dear Friends,

Life is a journey of ups and downs, and sometimes we struggle to hold on. In these moments of despair, we may feel lost, overwhelmed, and hopeless. During such times, we need support, encouragement, and wisdom to find our way through.

For me, the best advice I ever received came from my sister during a time of great struggle. Her words cut through my despair and reminded me that no matter how dark things may seem, there is always a glimmer of hope on the horizon.

She said, “It feels hopeless right now, but it will be different tomorrow.” At first, I didn’t want to let her words in. But as I reflected on them, I began to see how profound they were because they were based on the challenges she had overcome. She had faced the abyss and had returned wiser, stronger and with a roadmap for such times.

Her words were a reminder that change is constant and that no one knows what the next day or even the next moment will bring.

I held onto my sister’s words and leaned into my spiritual practice, which gave me the strength to keep going. I began to focus on the idea that tomorrow could be different and that a new day brings new opportunities for growth and transformation.

Through my spiritual practice, my stubborn insistence that I would heal and with the help of my family and friends, I slowly but steadily began to see progress. The darkness lifted in fits and starts, and I found a way forward.

Looking back, I realize my sister’s advice was not just a message of hope but a spiritual truth. It reminded me that even in our most desperate states when we are convinced that life is impossible, a word, a hug or a smile can transform reality, but we have to be willing to receive the gift that is there.

What has helped you in the past to get out of a funk or challenging situation? And what helps you in your daily life?

Today I want to encourage you to be open to the words, presence and wisdom of those around you to support you in big and small endeavors. And vice versa.

See you soon, my big-hearted soul friends.

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