Dear Friends,

It took a little while to rouse myself this morning. During my sleep I kept trying to remember whether I was in England or back in the US. I flitted back and forth in my mind looking for clues that would help me figure out this geographic conundrum. I tried to recall which bed I was sleeping in and which direction my feet were facing.

I don’t know if you’ve ever felt this discombobulation or tried to navigate in this state, all I can tell you is that it is challenging. The body is still asleep while the mind works out the present details without the benefit of our senses . Within these two states, I found myself moving through a maze of questions and fatigue. I felt the tiredness rising in stronger waves and decided that knowing where I was resting was far less a priority than resting and with that I disappeared into a deeper sleep state.

This is my experience of jet lag, that mismatch between my normal daily rhythms and different time zones. I’ve come to recognize that whether we are in sleep states or meditative states we traverse many time zones and dimensions continually.

For example, Where are your thoughts and feelings taking you in this moment? Back into the past or into the future? In which places or moments do you find yourself lingering?

Today, I invite you to be curious about your dreams and states of consciousness. I invite you to open the doors of your perception.

See you soon my wild and whimsical friends.