There was a time when I used to collect wise quotes and life advice. I’d jot them down on Post-its and stick them on mirrors and fridges. They were like little guides to help me navigate life and figure out who I was becoming.

One quote that lit a fire in me was “Know thyself,” credited to Socrates. Aristotle further expounded it as, “Knowing oneself is the beginning of all knowledge.”

To me, this meant getting to know myself by digging into my thoughts, emotions, and reactions. Why did I fear certain things or dislike certain people or places? Why did I want to make contact with the divine and breathe in cosmic particles of intelligence and love?

These questions and the answers I sought created the overlaying drive, but underneath that drive was something hidden from my conscious awareness, the desire to feel safe and belonging.

Along the way, this search to know myself has led me to certain values I still hold dear, like kindness and tenderness. These values shape how I connect with others. I’ve also learned the importance of saying “yes” and “no” to people, ideas, and experiences. Knowing myself helps me set boundaries and understand where I need support or can give support.

Getting to know oneself is an ongoing important process, a journey of consciousness, and a worthwhile investment of time, and energy. But there’s another piece here that I would like to add to the mix which is that I don’t have to map every nook and cranny of my vast being. I can allow for a little mystery, magic, and surprise to arise from within me. I don’t have to know myself too.

I would like to suggest that we continue on our inner journey of building an engaged and embodied relationship with ourselves and the world around us. And, we allow ourselves to encounter the moment we are in organically, with no prior setup, no affirmations or mantras. We touch the raw, pristine NOW with our naked selves and see what unfolds. How does that sound?

If you’re curious about this journey of self-discovery and want to share your own experiences or insights, I invite you to join our community. Let’s explore together, learn from one another, and continue this beautiful odyssey of self-awareness.
See you soon my dear pulsars.

Much Love,

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