I have discovered that I must be in love with myself.

Haha! It’s true. But it doesn’t mean I am fawning all over myself, or that I always like myself.

I think, I am in love with myself because I am curious about me. I am really exploring accepting me as I am and giving myself the permission to be however I want to be. This simply translates as allowing kindness to flourish in my heart, to stand tall in seeing the beauty in others and celebrating the gorgeousness of life. And, and this is a big one, I allow myself to be in downer moments or non-productive days. Just allowing each state to flow without judgement.

Here’s the interesting thing that I am learning: the more I trust + accept myself, the more attractive I find my being. I sense more joy sprouting and fuelling my senses. I like being around me.

snakeskin tallI know it sounds self-absorbed or self-satisfied, never mind how it sounds in the face of suffering.

However, that is not the purpose of this exercise. This is not about ignoring the trials of others. Rather, the point is to develop a truly loving, compassionate, and engaging relationship to myself.

I want to encourage all of us to examine the relationship we have with ourselves. Do we like/love ourselves? Do we love ourselves and others with a true heart without judgement?

Most of us would agree that we could stretch our capacity for self-love and love of others. We would also recognize that a great deal of time is spent in busy-ness and maintaining surface connections with a moderate to small investment made in profound, meaningful communications and communion.

But we can change that equation right now by valuing the innate goodness that dwells within the minds, bodies and souls of each of us. How would that feel? To speak to yourself softly and tenderly? To appreciate your efforts regardless of the results? To me it sounds just lovely. I would want to be friends with me.

And, if we were to dive in a little deeper, we would be astounded by the staggering brilliance within each of us. It’s the kind of brilliance that creates free societies, ends hunger or stops war.

I see that potential everywhere; to fall in love with ourselves enough, to generate such heat that the next generation of human-KIND awakens within us.

Are you ready for the kind of self-love that lights up the world? Let me know. I want to celebrate you. Join me on Facebook or Twitter and shout it out loud.

Let’s love together.

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