You have heard them:

Om mani padme hum
I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer.

These mantras, affirmations, and feel good formulas (the above are a few examples) are the seeds of change that can move our consciousness from negative states into more positive, nourishing realities. They act as entry points to different potentials and purposes, in which our sense of self is intact, and our minds and hearts are true, peaceful companions.

The formulas themselves are powerful, but when we add to them our own intention and presence, we imbue them with vitality and accessibility. It is we who breathe life and meaning into these sonic word equations.  Our consciousness is the key to opening these vaults of energetic wisdom through sound. Vibrate with these harmonics, and you will feel yourself engaging with life through the language of gods.


Now, come closer still – to your name. Your name that you have spoken on so many days of your life. The particular sound, shape, and resonance of your name uttered by your vocal cords carries messages and clues of you. How do you feel about your name? Is it imbued with love, light, and intelligence? Can you speak it with an open heart and a relaxed adrenals?

Try this:

Say your name a dozen times, and listen for any pangs of judgement or constriction when you speak it. With each repetition, hear yourself release a bit more of the negative energy you may be holding around your name. Once your name rolls off your tongue with ease, begin to fill it with the qualities you want to communicate to the world, and how you want your world to connect with you. Focus on the way you want to be perceived. Feel the essence of each quality in your whole being, and then imagine your name filling up with those vibrations.

Your name is holy, sacred, and part of the vast sound tapestry of life. Speak it with love, light, and reverence.


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