Ready to be reborn

Part One

In the weeks since my father passed away, I have have been noticing and paying attention to odd and anomalous moments, movements and activities around me. For the most part, I have been listening and watching extra carefully to see if there are any messages or activity that could be described as clear communications from my dad.

What I mean by listening and watching is more than simply hearing and seeing. It is both of those, yet transcends them. It’s the kind of awareness that allows you to perceive from a deeper or non-linear, non-verbal, multi-dimensional perspective. There are many ways to describe it- arm hairs rising, goosebumps, gut feeling etc. No matter how you think of it at its core it is a whole body feeling and knowing.

The experiences I am reporting below are events and experiences that have occurred over the last 3+ weeks. I am categorizing them under: Is that you dad?

Here are some of these experiences for your consideration:

The first event happened while we were driving from the airport. My sister and brother were describing our father’s final hours before he passed.

I’m listening to my sister’s words as a car cut in front of her. I notice the number plate has the letters “dad” in it. I say, “look at that… it says, dad.” We both file it away for later contemplation.

The second event was a few days later, after a long day of receiving family and friends who have come to mourn and pay their respects, we are sitting in the living room, debriefing about the day when the tv turns on and off a couple of times.

           “Hey, was the TV turned off?”


           “Are you sure?”

           “Yes, it’s been off the whole day.

           “Hmmm. Weird.”

           “Hello, dad!” I say to myself. “We are listening.”

Dad spent many hours watching TV. So, if he wanted to communicate to us that would be an obvious association to make to dad.

Another time, I ran upstairs to the room I was staying in to drop off my bags and to turn on the electric blanket to warm my bed. The bed I was sleeping in has 2 electric blankets. The one on the left side was not working, so I used the one on the right on the previous days. Instead of turning it on, I decided to turn it on later, closer to bedtime and not waste electricity.

Two hours later, I returned to the room to go to bed. Upon climbing into the bed, I immediately felt the warmth, not on the right side but on the left side. I looked at the dial on the left side to see if it had been turned on. It was still on OFF.

These are a particular form of examples that have to do with objects and electricals behaving in unexpected ways. They do not provide glaring evidence of his existence but I am compelled to ask: Is it my dad trying to connect with us? Attempting to get our attention or is it just coincidences?  

I don’t need to interpret these events as messages from dad to make me feel better about his death but rather I want to know if he’s actually trying to communicate with us. I want to gather as much data as possible about the possibility of life after death. 

That’s the journey I am on and have been on since childhood. From my own near-death experiences (N.D.E.), conversations with others who have had NDEs to reading religious and spiritual texts on the matter, to current research around resuscitation science.

Life and death don’t function like an on/off switch; now you’re alive and now you are dead but rather it is a series of processes that transcend definitions and interpretations placed by religion, culture and science.

It truly is the next frontier.

Stay tuned for Part Two next week where I share other forms of communications and messages from the beyond and my dad.