A while ago, I created this survey that I called “My Mirror, Mirror on the Wall Survey”. I had been thinking about how much would I want to know if I could know everything. What kinds of questions would I want answers to?

I wondered what would I ask a mirror that could respond with truthful, informative answers.

Would I want to know about my health, my relationships, or my soul? Would I ask how to win the lottery? As these questions rolled around in my consciousness, my consciousness asked me the following questions:

If you could find one cure for anything, what cure would you find? Why?

If you could be the best at something, what would it be?

If you could change something about yourself, what would that be?

If you could live again as anyone or anything, what would you decide to be?

If you could, would you choose the same parents again?

If you could, would you augment your body or brain to perform better?

If you could, would you die to save a person or humanity?

What is the motto that you live by?

If you could, would you download your consciousness to another lifeform to experience life through their being? For a day, or an hour?

Do you think you could live your life as a nomad?

These questions are curiosity-igniting, personal, and profound. Some resonate more than others. The questions shuffle my consciousness.

Would you like to explore something with me? Great! Take each question and imagine that you are dropping it into a pool of consciousness like a pebble. Allow associations, contemplations, feelings, and musings to ripple out. As each thought, feeling, and insight arises write it down There is no right answer, no judgment, no moral finessing here. This is an opportunity to listen to yourself honestly and contemplatively.

You do not have to share these thoughts with anyone but yourself – though oftentimes sharing our most dangerous, unspeakable thoughts can help others to take a courageous step into the light of self-knowing. You decide!

After each answered question, you will find that you know something more about yourself and how you navigate life. Please share some of your palette-refreshing thoughts with this community, and bring your light to the many.

See you soon love beams!
Much Love,

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