Dear Friends,

During a recent My Weekly Meditation class, my inner voice unexpectedly led me down memory lane, revisiting moments from my childhood. Flashes of irritation with my parents and other adults emerged, fueled by the belief that I could do a better job than they were doing!

Did you ever experience that childhood frustration, convinced that grown-ups were simply misguided and oblivious? It’s a sentiment many of us can relate to—feeling like we held the key to understanding what truly mattered while the adults around us missed the mark.

I vividly recall being 9, imagining a future where I’d allow my kids to eat unlimited chocolates. At 14, when my parents batted away any idea of me attending a birthday party, inwardly I fumed at my parents as dictators. I swore I’d never do that to my kids; speculating that I’d deck out my future teenage daughter in the coolest gear for ultimate party domination.

Then, at 19 I was proudly telling my university friends that I’d be the chill parent, teaching my kids to roll joints and keeping it real. Talk about a rebellion against the “adult” vibe.

As I dig into my childhood memories, this wave of certainty and self-righteousness hits me. Back then, I was so sure I had life all figured out, unlike my parents who were just too afraid and worried about what everyone thought.

Fast forward to today— I’m an adult and a parent now. My son shoots me those same “I know better” looks, questioning my every move. It’s hilarious and a total reality check. Watching him and seeing my younger iterations, I see that at every stage of my life, I was convinced that I had the best and most nuanced grip on reality.

Privately, I smile at my younger self’s unwavering belief in the infallibility of her decisions, her clarity, and her passion. It’s a trip witnessing my growth, whilst being the not-so-cool and occasionally cool parent to my son.

No matter which angle I take to view my life now, I’ve come to a place of embracing my role as a parent. There are moments when my son points out that I might be a bit too cautious or strict, and he’s puzzled by some of my decisions. I acknowledge that, and I reassure him that, although they might not make complete sense to him now, there’s a good chance they will down the road. It’s all part of the journey, and I’m learning and growing right alongside him.

How about you? How’s your journey going so far? Could you have parented yourself better than your parents? How are you parenting yourself now? Drop me an email with your stories! Share your experiences, whether you’re nodding along or thinking, “Nah, my parents had it down.”

See you soon, my winged friends!

Love, Navjit.

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