fear of failure

Last week, I wrote about raising our vibration. Did you try it? Good job. Was it easy to do or did you encounter some hurdles along the way? A bit of both?

For those of you who didn’t try it, what stopped you? I am sure there are many many reasons why you didn’t, but there is one reason I would like to work on today.

No matter what your answers above were, no worries. We are going to pick up from wherever you are in your practice and keep learning about our vibration and lifting it higher.

Today’s meditation is about something we all face: our self-fulfilling fear of failure. Believe it or not but the fear of failure has been with us for most of our lives, so we might as well get to know it instead of avoiding it.

This part of us can overwhelm us very easily and stop us from trying new things, expressing our truths or creating the life we want. Whether it was a night spent as a wallflower in a dance club or an opportunity missed because you feared you could not talk to someone, the end result is always the same. Failure. The exact failure you feared in the first place.

Becoming familiar with this part of ourselves is important for raising our vibration.

Take a moment to quieten your thoughts and relax your body. Notice your breath and turn your attention inwards as you close your eyes. On your next breath invite that part of you that has a fear of failing to come forward. Visualize that part as a person or an energy or an object. What does it look like? What is the energy like? Happy or sad? What’s happening in your body? Is it contracting or expanding? Heavy or light?

Move a little closer to see what kind of thoughts or feelings arise as you stand near fear of failure. Now go over to the fear of failure part and say how grateful you are to meet it and thank it for letting you see it. Do not judge this part of you. Do not look for ways to fix this part. Just allow it to be. Give it space.

What happens as you do that? Does the fear of failure part express thoughts or feelings to you? Did you feel yourself judging the fear of failure part? Or could you allow that part to just be?

Speak to the fear of failure part with a genuinely open heart and say: “I’m so happy to see you. You are so welcome here. You don’t have to change anything or be any other way than the way you are. You are safe here.”

Take your time here. Watch, listen and notice.

As you continue to notice what is happening with the failure part bring your awareness to your body. Has anything shifted within you? Is your body more or less relaxed? What about your thoughts and feelings?

Keep tracking.

Now imagine there are other parts of you here too. Invite them all; the good, the bad and the ugly. Welcome them with a generosity of spirit, without judgement and the knowledge that different parts of you are at different stages of development. Some are immature, naive, or stuck, while others are mature, aware and loving. All these parts are growing, learning at their own pace.

Now imagine one more thing. A bright inner sun shining above all these parts providing light and warmth to all without reservation. Keep shining that light until all the parts merge into the light.

Take a few more breaths and open your eyes.

How do you feel? How would you describe the vibration in your body now?

A high vibration can come in many forms. It can be steady like a stream of water or bubbly like laughter. It can be grounding like the roots of a tree or like fireworks in a night sky. It can anchor us in our bodies filled with a sense of self-confidence and self-knowing.

It can feel amazing.

Keep practising. Keep raising your vibration and share your experiences with us. These are my favourite kind of stories to read.