Raising Your Vibration

“Raise your vibration!” is all I seem to hear from my inner voice. It would seem to be suggesting I use that to counteract the negativity and dysfunction broadcast night and day in the media but I don’t think that’s the whole story.

I don’t watch shows with violence or drama; they deflate me. I am also not watching comedies or romantic movies with the same eagerness or enjoyment as I used to

I feel different.

I feel tired. Life changing events do that, especially with the death of a loved one.

I realize that because of the particular experience I am in, it isn’t the world or the people that have to change. It is me.

I am ready to hear and feel myself for a change, rather than the noise of the world I’ve been carrying around with me. The noise has been with me from birth, just growing with me. It’s the struggle against societal norms and the side effects of life itself, which have all done their part to shape who I have become. The challenges of navigating: family dynamics, being the immigrant child in the UK, then again as an adult here in the US. On and on. Clutter

The feeling I have had since my father’s death, that space I have been in, is still there inviting me to expand with it. To do so, I have to shed layers that hinder the peace and possibility that is there, even if it means ending up in no-man’s land, naked and empty-handed.

Even the fear of ending up alone or that this could be a fool’s errand doesn’t seem to shake or diminish my desire to shed the layers. There is a profound draw and curiosity to raise my vibration.

What do I mean when I say raise my vibration?

To state it simply, I would say it means turning the dial of my emotional, mental and physical awareness towards positivity and joy and keep turning it up. My brother introduced me to this Sikh concept known as Chardi Kala many years ago.

The Punjabi word “Chardi Kala” (Caṛdī Kalā) can be translated as “positive attitude” or “ascending energy-efficient” It’s deciding where you want to place your attention and energy and actively engaging your senses and awareness with that aim.

I would love to share a few ways to raise your vibration with you today.

To raise our vibration we have to look at all aspects of our lives; from the food, we eat to the clothes we wear to the people we spend time with. If we based all our decisions or actions or endeavours with the goal of raising our vibration, imagine what kind of world we would create.

  • For the body – Pick foods that nourish you and create wellness for your body. Move with Positivity. Stand taller. Dance. Do some T’ai Chi or Yoga. Stretch your body. Rest your body. Imagine the trillions of cells in your body giggling and rippling with laughter.


  • For the mind – Speak words that lift your spirit. Whether it is inner chatter or speaking with people around you, choose to speak positively and lovingly. Listen to music that makes you feel lighter, connected and fuller. Mantras are a great source for aligning your mind to a higher vibration. If your mind feels cluttered or easily pulled to negativity try this trick. Imagine washing your brain, mind and thoughts with a shower of cleansing, healing white light. Just as you would with a shower, visualize yourself standing under a shower of light. You will be amazed how quickly the dross falls away. For more stubborn thoughts or feelings moving the body (dancing, exercise, yoga) is the best bet.


  • For the emotions – Tune into memories or experiences that are positive or deeply nourishing. Notice what happens when you remember those memories. Take time daily to connecting with yourself and others in ways that make you feel good about yourself and raise your vibration. Laughing together or sharing stories that uplift or deepen your connections are a great place to start. For sticky or difficult emotions that refuse to let you shift your vibration, moving the body is the way to go. Move long enough or fast enough so these emotions cannot hold on.


  • For the spirit – Meditate. Add breathing exercises to your routine to oxygenate your blood for their positive, energizing effect. Find quiet places and stillness. Look for the beauty in your life no matter where you are. Don’t be afraid to question your beliefs or traditions that keep you playing small. Be willing to dive deeper within and listen to your inner voice. Imagine filling up with light to energize and rejuvenate you.  

Allow these practices to become part of your daily regimen and your go-to tools to raise your vibration. Add new practices to this roster and invite family, friends and colleagues to join you. To raise your vibration will take commitment and the willingness to choose positivity and possibility in the face of everything that can seduce you away from it.

Here’s to us and to the anchoring of our lighter, brighter selves.

What does raising your vibration mean to you? Do you think it’s something that would benefit your life? Do you have your own methods for raising your vibration?