photo credit: Stanter Kandola

At times in my life, I have felt the bounty of love. The kind that knocks you off your feet and makes you weep because you are so humbled. Because you didn’t believe that love would find you in the depths of darkness and pull you out. The kind of love that feeds and clothes you.

The kind of love that makes you see the good in others once again. The kind where even the long days of despair let go in the radiance of that love. A love which opened my heart in ways that would take lifetimes to describe.

It is that love that I want to immerse myself in as part of my love practice this week, the exercise which I describe below. The main reason for doing this exercise is that I want to grow those parts of myself and deepen my relationship to love and how I love myself and others. I value love and it is a quality that can be engaged with and amplified to create fulfilment, harmony and much more. Plus, being in love, or filled with love feels unbelievably amazing!

If you could immerse yourself in love, what kind of love would it be? The tender love given by a parent to a child? A love that ignites passion? The love of a project or an idea? The love of money? A love filled with laughter?

Choose a love that you are hungry for or want to experience deeply. What does that love feel like? And if you feel like you don’t have experience of the kind of love you are hungry for then imagine it. Describe how it makes you feel? Take some time here getting clear on the love you want to feel.

Once you have a clear sense of what kind of love you want to focus on inhale slowly and evenly, pause and then exhale slowly and evenly. Pause. Repeat a few more times.

Close your eyes and tune into that loving feeling you want to focus on. Remind yourself of an experience or memory when you felt this love. Imagine yourself in that love-filled energy. For example, if you love money, imagine receiving money, imagine your bank account total growing, imagine the thrill of spending that money or gifting it. How does it feel to receive cheques, cash, gift cards and electronic wires?

Do you feel excitement or joy? A thrill? Notice the sensations in your body. Warm or cooling? Tingling or wavy? Take a moment to notice these sensations and feelings? Stay with them.

Imagine this energy of love, joy, excitement radiating out, filling your body. Amplify this feeling and let it expand. Then when you are ready on your next breath command all the trillions of cells in your body to imprint this feeling. Keep breathing, keep feeling the energy. 

Take another deep breath and open your eyes. How do you feel? What has changed within you? Make a note of how it feels in your body. Does love feel as you imagined it would?

Over the next few hours and days keep bringing your attention to this energy. Think about this love, how it makes you feel. Keep immersing yourself in the energy. Extend your self into this feeling and allow it to be your complete focus and delight. Keep this fire lit and watch what you attract into your life!!