Star Trek: The Original Series introduced its viewers to a wide variety of potential technological advancements. Many of these have come to be, such as flip phones and tablet computers, but what about the replicators?

In reality, are we any closer to such inventions; inventions that could provide the convenience of an instant meal and create zero waste by recycling all of the unused or discarded ingredients?


Exciting, right? I’m waiting to see how that unfolds.

Another invention comes by way of Israel, The Genie.

“Genie is a revolutionary pod-based cooking system which delivers nutrient-dense, chef-quality meals in less than 3 minutes. Powered by a patented Artificial Intelligence and advanced robotics, Genie performs complex tasks of hydrating, whisking, mixing, cooking, heating, boiling, cooling and steaming, each programmed to perfection for each specific meal.”

We also have to consider 3D printers and the work of Aleph Farms and 3D Bioprinting Solutions.

“Launching on April 8th, 2022, we are continuing the next step in our journey to grow meat in space. We will examine the ability of cow cells to mature into cells that build muscle tissue, our cultivated steak, under microgravity conditions, aboard the International Space Station.”

Today, I invite you to enjoy the inventions of our predecessors who dreamt and toiled to bring us the wheel, farming, refrigerators, clean water, indoor plumbing, bikes, cars, airplanes, the world wide web and so much more. We live in the futures our ancestors dreamed about.

It’s an exciting reality to live and breathe in.

See you soon, my loves.