Before I enrolled at the Nizhoni School’s College of Divinity, I had never heard the term “Higher Self” used to describe one’s inner voice, intuition or soul wisdom. I had never imagined I could articulate intuition as something more powerful than a feeling, or a vague knowing. I certainly did not know it was possible to actually “grow” those intuitive feelings.

During my first sessions of Higher Self (HS) meditation, I encountered a great deal of resistance and challenge from within. I wondered – was I making it all up? How would I know the difference between my emotions/thoughts and my HS? Doubt and logic were at the forefront of this rebellion. Uncertainty and fear clouded my inner focus.

I persevered, however, because I had already experienced very clear instances of my intuition stepping in and speaking to me with an “inner voice”. I had literally heard a voice telling me things before they happened, or directing me towards a decision that seemed contrary to the result I was seeking… but proved to be accurate.

Weird? Not at all. To me, it was an intriguing skill that I was interested in honing.

Since those early days, I have learned to think of the Higher Self as a brilliant, wise, expansive, funny, honest, present, all-knowing, all-loving consciousness. It is the truest part of me – clear of all fear, judgement, and mental clutter. The part that can witness, orchestrate, teach and guide me to be more wholly me, without masks or doubt. It is deeper than the subconscious and bigger than the mind. I imagine it as my spiritual consigliere – my wise counselor and friend.

So for today’s meditation, let us connect to that deepest part of ourselves – that magnificent, awe-inspiring, all-loving, divine essence!

Take a couple of deep breaths and close your eyes. Give yourself a few moments to allow your awareness to turn from the outside to the inside. Let your breath begin to deepen, and your body begin to feel relaxed and safe.

Now, take another deep breath into your body and ask your Higher Self, your all-knowing, all-loving, divine HS to take a form for you. Focus on the first form you perceive – it may be an energy, a feeling or a symbol. What is the energy of your HS? Is it warm, soft or bright? Does it feel loving or humorous?

Once you can perceive your HS, ask it to touch your body. Breathe into that place, and feel the energy rippling through your whole body from the touch. Drink in this experience like a cool glass of water.

Take your time to really feel this energy, and allow your senses to savor the essence.

When you are ready to move on, ask your HS to give you a message. The message may be in the form of words, or a feeling. Just allow yourself to receive it. What is your HS communicating to you? Connect to the message, and feel its meaning resonate within you.

Then, take another deep breath and draw your HS into your body. Commune with it for as long as you would like.

When you are ready, take another deep breath and open your eyes.

This wonderful exercise reminds us that we can choose to shift our awareness into higher states of consciousness. And when we do, we nourish not only ourselves, but the Whole!

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