Dear Friends,

Have you considered the subtle influences that shape your meditation sessions? Do your thoughts carry a particular tone in this practice – a calm observer – conductor of positive affirmations or something else? Can you intentionally create a tone for your meditations?

Visualize how this tone sets the atmosphere for your entire meditation journey. Is it a tranquil background or an energizing rhythm? What tone would you like to meditate in, meaning what attunement from within you would be the most complimentary for a meditative state?

How about if we took a few moments to explore the nuances of your meditative tone? Is there space to unfold? Is there kindness for whatever arises? Is there curiosity? Can the body systems move into coherent states?

It’s akin to curating a playlist that nourishes and elevates us mentally, emotionally, physically, and soulfully.

Today, I invite you to cultivate your meditation tone and witness the transformative power it holds. If you’d like to explore this with other like-minded, kind, and curious souls join us for My Weekly Meditation. Saturdays 11 am MST. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

See you soon, my winged friends!

Love, Navjit.

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