To sit in silence with others is a very powerful experience.

That we can share of ourselves, and take nourishment while in total stillness and quietude is a profound miracle.

So I invite you to imagine today, as we sit to meditate, that we do it together. Visualize yourself sitting amongst many people, all ready to look within and become absorbed in silence.

Our connection with others can commune unobstructed in this silence – embodying the ways we are more together than apart, more alike than different.

Sitting together in this silence, we feel its comfort, power, magnitude, and nourishment.  If we sit in silence long enough, it will deliver us to the sense of belonging and wholeness we seek daily.

If you are ready now, take a couple of deep breaths and close your eyes. Allow yourself to move towards quietude. Feel your inner senses relaxing, moving towards a different direction. A direction that has no sounds or visible qualities of form. Allow your body to relax and feel the companionship of others in this meditation through time and space, as we step gently into silence together now.

Stay in this mediation of silence for as long as you would like. And then, when you are ready, slowly begin to bring your awareness back from that great depth. Breathe into your body, and anchor into the spaciousness. Allow the silence and emptiness to fill you, so that you can move forward as seamlessly and deliciously as the universe.

And when you can feel these qualities, can live these qualities, take a deep breath and open your eyes. This is a brave new world.


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